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namespace plcdemo {     partial class PL     {         /// <summary>         /// Required designer variable.         /// </summary>         private System.ComponentModel.IContainer...

Verilog code to display two color images on VGA Monitor

Here is the code to display Images  on VGA Monitor using HDL language using spartan 3e board . The VGA monitor with the size of 640x480 having refresh rate 60 Hz. In order to scan pixel the frequency of 25Mhz is calculated by formula = (Total number of Horizontal Pixel *Total Vertical Line...

Translate" Program

Translates input from Iυ iso8859-7 (english and greek characters) to iso8859-1 greek characters.A basic simple c program to understand how ISO's work and simply stdin and stdout in c ...

bus seat booking

view code in jsp and controller code in action.Follows MVC architecture and all java concepts and good code quality...

code to calculate BER for multi cases in 802.11n

The main goal of this project is to design and simulate a wireless communication system base on the IEEE 802.11n. A system was built and simulated in Matlab to obtain numerical result such as bit error rate plots and verify the functionality of each block in the design....

Absolute Database 7.80 for Delphi10

Absolute Database: Embedded single file Delphi database with SQL support. Absolute Database is a Delphi database engine which lets you forget the Borland Database Engine (BDE). This BDE replacement is the compact, high-speed, robust and easy-to-use database engine. With Absolute Database yo...

Recover HDD Seagate

The program (with sources) for recovery hard disk Seagate Barracuda (ES.2). Language interface - russian....



OFDM Image Transmission

Image Transmission Through OFDM Using different modulation techniques And Error calcultion...


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