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Basic practice code of Java...

DXF Graph algorithm for turned g-code + test file using the de Boer

Some AUTO CAD drawing plane trajectory, turning into g-code for machine processing, difficult is a spline curve there, Yvo de Boer algorithm is used, Function name corresponds to me that de Boer algorithm is used inside the document name. Compiler is used by Visual Studio 2010. Did communicate with...

Blue six-platform source code

Blue six-platform source code database is complete without encryption can be two open source learning exchange non only for illegal purposes...

Open Source c # Windows video surveillance software source code

C# multi window video surveillance system source code 2016 the latest complete version...

Home Automation app source code

Smart home based on the network database APP development, with a complete source code, only to modify the IP can be used!!...

This program is a program in his former graduate, mainly the pedestrian detection, tracking and counting problems

This program is a program in his former graduate, mainly the pedestrian detection, tracking and counting problems, because many post has any questions on this, so I upload before graduation, also wants to help the people in need. This is mainly pedestrian detection using HOG+SVM, after tracking and...

WMS warehousing system source code

This is a fully functional WMS warehousing system, the remaining part is perfect, the original code on SVN and can be used by beginners, or those who need a reference or secondary development...

Simulink to the driver model

At the time of vehicle simulation model is built, the driver model essential model, the vehicle according to the driver's reactions make a corresponding adjustment. This model uses the PID control, established drivers in the Simulink model in the hybrid electric vehicle energy management, hybrid veh...

OPC client and server development (resources, library, example program, etc)

This resource provides a OPC client and server development necessary library files (OPC official website sponsor files download only, so this library file is sparse on the network), with a classic example of required resources and widespread program and its source code, whether to start or develop D...

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