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often principle of peer

often principle of peer-to-peer discussions, but the discussions under discussion, with little substantive things have (source code). Here, I used one of its own to achieve VC source code to illustrate the UDP Through NAT principle....

use TCP realized NetPhone, attractive graphics interface, complete functions.

use TCP realized NetPhone, attractive graphics interface, complete functions....

VB UDP 传输 接收端

VB UDP transmission receiving end...


Implementation using C language p2p technology-based source code...


Foreigner to write peer-to-peer streaming media client, simple and effective, it is worth learning...


Main-mediated p2p with the fundamental principles, in order to make p2p software developers who are very helpful...

procedures for point

procedures for point-to-point call. VC prepared a dll, the procedure call interface with VB....


based on the realization of p2p java chat room, we can see ah...

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