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p2p development instance, you can pass through the firewall in the Internet, and practical, I just rely on this example, the development of entry-chip p2p....

STM32 port DMA transfer

STM32 port DMA transfer serial DMA transfer...

verycd emule源代码,使用vc++开发平台,内嵌浏览器。

verycd emule source code, the use of vc++ development platform, the embedded browser....

ZigBee-based simple protocol basic-RF ADC+ serial port + Hibernate

The protocol stack provided with TI's official website basic-RF, prepared by the launch of peer to peer acceptance process, node a collect two external voltage, through RF emission to node b, node b through the serial tell launch voltage which gathers information through the serial port to PC...


p2p file transfer in the improvement of network resources, search strategy, ~ PDF format, is a good reference ~...

p2p instant messaging system development case, on the voice of the p2p system

p2p instant messaging system development case, on the voice of the p2p system...


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