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Nagios source

Nagios is a monitoring system for running and monitoring system of network information. Nagios can monitor the specified local or remote host and service, while providing exception notification functions of Nagios running on Linux/UNIX platforms, along with an optional browser-based WEB interface to...

Communication middleware

VppCOM is a distributed communication middleware, absorbed the announced order of HLA HLA,Has the characteristic of reusability, scalability, good; VppCOM communications middleware only contains 6 services, using a simple, squareIt can be widely applied to the land, sea and air such as interconnecti...

SPI Sniffer

SPI Sniffer.Project to spy SPI connection. It can be used to log the communication between chips. To survey protocols...

Network traffic monitoring

The source is a real-time network traffic monitoring source code, there are several view modes, you can display a detailed process information and the process of real-time network transmission of data traffic. Can show incoming and outgoing network traffic in real time....

Java back n allocation

Application backgroundsimple answer to java go back n assignment  blem Definition: Write a program in Java to implement Go Back N algorithm. The Program sends the frames from the Client to the Server with checking for missing frames via sending an acknowledgement. P.S. Ente...


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