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Using the ARP protocol active hosts within the local network physical address

family:宋体;">Equipment is to 48 位 MAC Address transmitting data frame and, therefore, must have a protocol maintenance IP The correspondence between addresses and physical addresses. Host system maintains a table used to store dynamic or static mappings between two addresses, ARP(Address Resolu...

C # camera video recording source code

size: 13.3333339691162px;">AVICap class easily accomplish video capture. AVICap provide a simple message-based interface to applications to access video equipment, and can handle streaming video capture control, but without video compression, hope to add later! Microsoft® Video for Win...

packet sniffer project

size:13px;font-weight:normal;">数据包嗅探器项目是一个网络实用程序软件,可以用来跟踪数据包。在 java 中为学生制定最新的联网项目。此软件可以跟踪网络数据包嗅探器,嗅一只狗像更多。下载完整的源代码 java 中可用。...

Delphi版的winpcap pas单元!!! 本站抢先发布!!! 以后用delphi的朋友再也不用去翻译C++的winpcap的H了 数据格式和函数都做好了...

Delphi version of winpcap pas unit!!! The first to publish this site!!! After using delphi friends no longer have to go to translation C++ The WinPcap the H data format and functions are a direct call to do a good job...

Delphi ProXY 代理

space:nowrap;">Delphi HTTP 代理服务器 , Delphi HTTP 代理服务器 ....


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