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Five-star international online lottery betting system, source code, absolutely free, there is thought to be altered, used in...


先用背景差分完成目标提取,将运动目标的相关信息放入到链表中,通过帧差完成对多目标的跟踪,达到实时性的要求 运动目标的相关信息存放于结构体中,可以在此基础上判断目标的动作行为跟踪基本框架,opencv编写,利用...

Image fusion procedure Guinness

Image fusion procedure, including IHS PCA Laplace PCNN Wavelet tries to guarantee of a lot of it is your own debug logging to work, is carefully for my senior thesis....

Reversible Watermarking based on difference program

The program uses matlab2008a Development, mainly because of matlab In terms of image processing advantages, simpler operation, also in order to become familiar with matlab To use. The program uses the classic lena Image as a target and achieve embedding the watermark, and restore the image....


Zhang proposes a technique for calibration based on the observation of a flat blank from various positions....

sparse clustering

Sparse Subspace Clustering(SSC) when either adversarial or randomnoise is added to the unlabelled inputdata points, which are assumed to lie in a unionof low-dimensional subspaces....

Add matrix algorithm

For image restoration, you can extract image features, you can save can longer be modified on the basis of the code streamlined and features powerful. Download this East is very good Oh, comes from a professional project team, code is very powerful, and forwarding, and proliferation of, integratingT...

Sift code

This is based on the classic sift MATLAB program, function is to key points of the two pictures to extract and create gradient histogram and descriptors, and match the two pictures....

Bluetooth to receive data, draw the waveform

Several notes on drawing class * SurfaceView is a View of an inherited class, in this view * Have a special embedded used to paint the Surface. Can control the Surface format and size. * SurfaceView control Surface drawing position. * Process: inherited SurfaceView an...

Simulation of GPS system (capture + tracking + analysis)

GPS systems using MATLAB simulation by generating local PN code and carrier, and tracking using frequency-domain, frequency-locked-for-and phase-locked loop, satellite acquisition, tracking, and analysis of a variety of functions;...

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