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PSO-SVM algorithm

Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for support vector machine download I wrote it, it runs very quickly,  share with everyone, let's learn and communicate Just change the data path can be run directly...

Computational Fluid Dynamics LBM

PDKS are bent Kun in Singapore during the National University PhD study on compressible LBM Model development program LBM Compressible flow simulation program. Basic features are: 1 support  2D Monolithic structure body-fitted grid format plot3d 2 supports multiple compression LBM model...

Vector control of permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor control system based on code

Vector control of permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor control system based on code that contains  Document describes the theory of vector control of permanent magnet synchronous motors, and based on  vector control theory using DSP realization of permanent magnet synchr...

Endoscopic video splicing program

Endoscopic video perspective tend to be small, based on SIFT algorithm for endoscopic video frame-by-frame image stitching panorama images for Gets a larger perspective to improve doctors ' hand-eye coordination, helped doctors more easily observed. Hardware using the naneye image sensor via the sen...

Two-dimensional Delaunay Triangulation

Two-dimensional Delaunay Triangulation, you can better realize the two-dimensional triangulation of plane point set, using random increment algorithm!...

Halcon and OpenCV image format conversion

C++ code: OpenCV Mat,iplImage Halcon Hobeject image format image formats conversion code. Includes: IplImage go Hobject,Mat go Hobject,Hobject go Mat,Hobject go IplImage. Halcon and for learning OpenCV image use, I hope to be helpful....

ECC encryption algorithm in C language

Known elliptic curve E23 (16,10): y 2 ≡ x3 + 16x + 10mod23 and a point on it's G = (5,10), point G to calculate all times. Equivalent to using the C programming language implements this topic...

Matlab implementation of entropy method to calculate weight and presentation

"Entropy" theory is an objective weighting method, which borrows the concept of entropy in information theory. Entropy is in the case of evaluation index value to a variety of evaluation given set of objects identified, the relative intensity of each index in a competitive sense, from an i...

NSGA-III An Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Algorithm Using Reference-point Based Non-dominated Sorting Approach

Having developed multi-objective optimization algorithmsusing evolutionary optimization methods and demonstratedtheir niche on various practical problems involvingmostly two and three objectives, there is now a growing needfor developing evolutionary multi-objective optimization (EMO)algorithms for...

Gyro Kalman filtering algorithm for data fusion of acceleration to achieve good stability and high precision results.

The mathematical model and the basic algorithm introduces the accelerometer and gyroscope, and how the integration of the two, algorithm of Calman filterdiscussed acceleration gyroscope focusing algorithm, the thought of data fusi...

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