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Forward modeling of seismic wave finite difference

Geophysical exploration, based on the seismic forward modeling program, including the five forward procedure, (higher-order central difference, higher order differential staggered grid, using standard PML boundaries forward procedure) in a file folder with acou results of operations....

GA-BP algorithm for--MATLAB

One aspect of the genetic algorithm is applied to the neural network is used to optimize the artificial neural network (ANN) structure, and the other aspect is learning right GA ANN weights, it is to use genetic algorithms to replace traditional learning algorithms. GA-BP algorithm is, before the BP...

Microphone array generalized side-lobe cancellation algorithm (GSC)-source code

This document contains multiple microphone array speech enhancement algorithm of GSC collections, the widely used structure of the generalized side-lobe offset. Including Beamforming channels on, the next block matrix and adaptive noise canceling part of the channel, enhance the effect. If you have...

Verilog code for RS encoding and decoding


Design and realization of indoor positioning system based on WiFi

More practical indoor location algorithm code. Detailed instructions. -Practical indoor positioning algorithm code. There are described in detail....

Human activity recognition

This is a foreigner write a human behavior recognition program, after test runs, which contains the database you want, the whole process running, debugging step is also stated very clearly, for human behavior recognition of beginners to have huge implications, weiaman human behavior is using the dat...

Movie recommendation system based on collaborative filtering

Under this system in the ANT can run movie recommendation system using recommendation algorithm based on collaborative filtering (Collaborative Filtering Recommendation). Collaborative filtering in information filtering and information systems is rapidly becoming a very popular technology. With trad...

stm32 driver of non-inductive Brushless DC Motor

stm32 pwm  output controlnon-inductive brushless dc motorAd inside the  stm32 was used to detect the back electromotive force to switch the direction. Uplink computer is needed...

GN algorithm -Python code

Application backgroundGN algorithm is a classical community discovery algorithm, which belongs to the hierarchical clustering algorithm, at first, by Girvan Mark and Newman Michelle in 2012. Can deal with the discovery of community in the network.......Key TechnologyThe basic idea is to keep the net...

Fully automatic 3D scanner software

Application backgroundAutomatic 3D scanner software, can be used directly, Matlab and OpenCV based on the research results of the Brown University in the United States...

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