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Based on Ant Colony algorithm solving the VRP problem C++ source code

Copies from your classmates, and for solving the VRP problem source, want students to study on vehicle routing problem with a little inspiration! Copy of student, the source code for solving the VRP problem in the hope that inspired students to study on vehicle routing problem! Copies from your cla...

Three dimensional resistivity inversion Matlab code

It's a classic kind of three dimensional resistivity inversion code, have a very wide range of applications used in geophysical exploration, with important research and application, this program only to communicate with you, please do not commercialize ......

STS protocol library

STS meters commonly used library, outside common prepaid metering will be used, if it is useful, please contact me, including prepaid charging charging money, managed code, and so on a series of physiological data, provided a not convenient for use....

Basler camera trigger

Basler camera input, and valuable, can provide the Basler camera trigger reference cache collection. Official GM and hope for all of us....

Image de-noising of the variational method and partial differential equations, including the TV model and PM models and four-YK model.

Image de-noising of the variational method and partial differential equations, including TV model (second-order PDE) and PM models (second-order PDE), YK model (four-order PDE) of Matlab code. Can be implemented directly. References available online (such as Baidu) download. Are the classic method....

Progressive damage analysis of composite materials program

Injury criteria a variety of composite materials, degradation in use today are based on direct injury, use the ABAQUS program USDFLD to achieve the gradual failure of composite....

SVPWM motor driver

The main idea of SVPWM is based on symmetrical three-phase sine wave voltagepower supply of motor stator three-phase symmetric ideal flux circle as the reference standard, with three-phase inverter different switch mode for properswitching,...

ArduPlane APM four axis flight control

APM2 flight control support multi rotor, single rotor, the function is powerful.Support of ground stations, OSD, using the MavLink protocol.Support for path planning, navigation.Support for automatic landing....

Fish-eye correction for camera calibration

FishEye image distortion correction code, FishEye implementation based on c, results are similar to Opencv...

PSO-SVM algorithm

Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm for support vector machine download I wrote it, it runs very quickly,  share with everyone, let's learn and communicate Just change the data path can be run directly...

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