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SVM classification algorithm based on SIFT feature extraction

SVM classification algorithm based on SIFT feature extraction, SVM using the interface program libsvm offer. SIFT using opencv provide SIFT feature extraction function extracts the algorithm for small images for training and identify better results...

Verilog language implementation of AES advanced encryption algorithms

&Nbsp;AES Verilog language implementation of advanced encryption algorithms...

LDPC (c++ source code)

This code is on LDPC decoding source code, c++ language is used, you can run the matrix and related files are attached, you can use this program to study the entire framework of communication knowledge in the hope of benefiting future generations...

Freescale Nineth cameras nationwide program

This procedure is the Nineth Freescale race to complete programs, including the cam centerline extraction, Kalman filtering, PID algorithm for steering gear motor PID algorithm and 500 line encoder acquisition program, there are dip switches control strategy for your reference....

Design and realization of indoor positioning system based on WiFi

More practical indoor location algorithm code. Detailed instructions. -Practical indoor positioning algorithm code. There are described in detail....

Four axis aircraft STM32 (complete) source code

Application backgroundI will apply this to the graduation design. Four axis aircraft flight control procedures, the use of PID control. Four axis aircraft MPU6560 program  , STM32F103RBT6; STM32F103RBT6+mpu6050 module, using the Calman filter, the waveform is very good. Based on STM32 USB, the m...

APM fixed point pattern analysis

Application backgroundMainly for the poshlod APM model, a more detailed analysis of the notes, in order to understand the open source APM four axis code to provide an interface to better understand the flight of the aircraft. Some of the notes due to my understanding is still shallow, not able to cl...

Eye blinking Algorithm

This project is a eye tracking and blinking detection using opencv library, the first step of the algorithm is to locate the eye region, then a template matching algorithm used for tracking, the next step is the blink detection, the first step in blink detection algorithm is to subtract the current...

Strapdown inertial navigation C language

Strapdown inertial navigation C language,Strapdown inertial navigation learning to use, online reference routines written ~...

SVM image recognition

The use of SVM classifiers for image classification, the operating environment for opencv, and contains the relevant literature on the inner code package libSVM...

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