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souce code for kinematics of six-axis robot

a source code for the kinematics of a six-axis or less-axis robotIt is implemented with C language...

FPGA implementation of QPSK modulation and demodulation algorithm code

The algorithm for QPSK modulation and demodulation carrier using Costas-loop synchronization algorithm, algorithm for bit timing by Gardner...

DTW-based speech recognition algorithm source code and documentation

This is a speech recognition algorithm based on DTW's c language implementation of the code, feature extraction and acoustic analysis...

Pure soft motion control source code, including the algorithm (control board and PC through USB connection)

Application backgroundIn order to source, buy the control board, to share with you.USB control and control of 16.1 can be used for multi axis engraving machine for high-speed motion control. Can automatically reset automatic breakpoint record, dropped connection. The default support 8 axis linkage,...

Focus on improved Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (CLPSO;ISPO; CPSO)

Comprehensive study of particle swarm optimization algorithm ( CLPSO ) And intelligent algorithm for single-particle (ISPO), several famous algorithm, and to integrate, multi-extremal optimization comparison can be made....

Professor Lin Zhiren libsvm-mat-2.89-3

Need to do research using SVM friends. ... Can be used for machine learning algorithms and classification research, can be used for face recognition, facial recognition, and so on. SVM is a training machine learning algorithms that can be used to solve classification and regression problems ... ......

Gaze tracking/ pupil tracking /eye tracking

A real-time gaze tracking programme was presented. Programs can be run, track effect is good. An eye tracker gives the pixel position of the center of the pupil in an image whereas a gaze tracker determines where the person is looking on the screen. ↩ Timm and Bart...

Recommend system-recommend-SVD film package

This is a job in data mining, recommender systems, to film scoring. SVD (Singular Value Decomposition) is the idea of Based on existing scoring methods, analyze scores on various factors of preference and the movie contains the degree of each factor, and then, in turn, based on an analysis of result...

ECC encryption algorithm for c source code

ECC encryption algorithm c source code ECC encryption algorithm c source code ECC encryption algorithm c source code...


CascadeSVM is a hierarchical SVM and SVM is a way of distributed processing, it can achieve rapid training and testing, and improve the performance of single-node...

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