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Two algorithms for minimum spanning tree

Application backgroundMinimum spanning tree algorithm to achieve the two, is China's top universities - Beihang University, the computer software foundation (data structure) course work; complete very well, you can use the data structure entry...

51 digital tube clock

Application backgroundI have written a simple 51 digital tube clock, with the interruption of time to achieve, the program is relatively simple may have a wrong place, I hope you spend lessExperiment object: 51hei MCU learning development board* single machine: AT89S52 or   STC89C52; alarm clock...

C++ arbitrary two-dimensional magic square

Application backgroundIn a square is composed of a plurality of rows of number, arbitrary graph a transverse, longitudinal and diagonal of a few numbers and are equal, with charts of this nature, called "magic square". In ancient China, known as the "riverside", "Luo Shu", also called "the aspect gr...

C++ implementation to generate a combination algorithm

Application backgroundBasic concepts of combination   ;       set S = {1,2,...... N}, all elements of a set of collections (not to consider the order of the arrangement), known as the whole combination of S;   ;       set S = {1,2,...... N}, from whi...

Design of CACHE file management function

Application backgroundThe system through the hash table to save the CACHE file, in order to complete the management of CACHE files. It can achieve the cache file management table for the creation, release, add files to the cache, and deleting files from the cache, from cache lookup file (when the fi...

Implementation of double ended queues

Application backgroundUsing C language to achieve a double end queue, you can queue in the first, tail, insert elements or delete elements, but also in the establishment of the two ends of the queue to find elements. Data structure is an algorithm, write, test, you can rest assured that the use of...

Similar to the drawing tool of the source code

Application backgroundKey words: drawing board, picture editing, view zoom, tool boxRecently made a similar Windows drawing board of small procedures, used to share with you. Function and interface all imitate the Windows comes with the drawing board, interface, such as screenshot. Main functions ar...

Euler angle based on 9 axis fusion output

Application backgroundBased on the 9 axis sensor fusion, the Euler angle of the output attitude of the serial port....

Commonly used algorithm assembly (C language description) source code

Written for an effective algorithm used in the engineering. The main contents include polynomial calculation, complex operation, random number generation, characteristic matrix value and characteristic vector calculation and linear algebraic equations of solving nonlinear equations and solving, in v...


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