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Poll counting based on OpenCV

A head that can be applied to the station and the shopping mall, Testing procedures, can detect head Access number. Program based on MFC peak count, the results were pretty good, Welcome to download, trial. Thank you all for your support!...

BP neural network optimization algorithm based on genetic algorithm


motion driver version 6.1

motion driver version 6.1, support MPU9250,MPU9150,MPU6050,MPU6500 on the platform of stm32 & msp430....

Hand gesture recognition based on OPENCV C++ source code

Hand gesture recognition based on OPENCV source code, OTUS algorithm was used to first hand gesture segmentation and segmentation for morphological image processing after, will handle the resulting binary image contours look and shape matching. First by the USB camera in processes running in the sys...

OpenCV traffic tracking

This program can keep track of characters, when the target is obscured, and tracking fails for the time being, when the target appears again, continue to follow. Can also detect and track vehicles, and can track multiple targets, but when the objectives overlap or is very near to the effect is not t...

STM32F103 balance car program

Application backgroundBy now two wheeled self balancing vehicle development as the background, this project design a number of areas covering multiple disciplines, automatic control, pattern recognition, sensor technology, electronic and electrical, computer, machinery and, two wheeled self balancin...

ICP algorithm for 3D point cloud registration C++ ICP_test

Application background ,  ,  , ICP,, Iterative , Closest , Points ,, (Algorithm). Mckey algorithm is proposed by Besl and ICP. It is a kind of point registration method based on contour feature to solve the problem of registration based on free form surface.Key TechnologyThe...

Attitude solution (fusion 9 axis data)

Application background9 axis data fusion solution attitude, has been verified successfully in the four rotor platform...

MPEG-PS package

Format of a MPEG-PS package, packaging rules, in accordance with ISO_IEC_13818-1. Packages available after General player, such as VLC, storm audio-visual and other regular player. Code that has been tested is available. 2 Engineering is one of the package is unpacked....

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