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LDPC (c++ source code)

This code is on LDPC decoding source code, c++ language is used, you can run the matrix and related files are attached, you can use this program to study the entire framework of communication knowledge in the hope of benefiting future generations...

Basic Ant Colony clustering algorithm and its improvement algorithms (Matlab source code)

The algorithm solves the problem of convergence, clustering is very good (results graph as shown in the attached images). Improved Ant Colony algorithm based on improved genetic algorithm in the basic genetic algorithm based on added variants, mutate, thus faster convergence.Program features:1, cont...

Hand gesture recognition based on OPENCV C++ source code

Hand gesture recognition based on OPENCV source code, OTUS algorithm was used to first hand gesture segmentation and segmentation for morphological image processing after, will handle the resulting binary image contours look and shape matching. First by the USB camera in processes running in the sys...

Four axis aircraft STM32 (complete) source code

Application backgroundI will apply this to the graduation design. Four axis aircraft flight control procedures, the use of PID control. Four axis aircraft MPU6560 program  , STM32F103RBT6; STM32F103RBT6+mpu6050 module, using the Calman filter, the waveform is very good. Based on STM32 USB, the m...

STM32F103 balance car program

Application backgroundBy now two wheeled self balancing vehicle development as the background, this project design a number of areas covering multiple disciplines, automatic control, pattern recognition, sensor technology, electronic and electrical, computer, machinery and, two wheeled self balancin...

ICP algorithm for 3D point cloud registration C++ ICP_test

Application background ,  ,  , ICP,, Iterative , Closest , Points ,, (Algorithm). Mckey algorithm is proposed by Besl and ICP. It is a kind of point registration method based on contour feature to solve the problem of registration based on free form surface.Key TechnologyThe...

Traffic routing problem with time Windows

Application background    routing problems with time windows VRPTW (vehicle).Vehicle routing problem (VRP) the earliest is firstly proposed by Dantzig and ramser in 1959, it is refers to a certain number of customers, each with a different number of demand for goods, distribution centers t...

APM fixed point pattern analysis

Application backgroundMainly for the poshlod APM model, a more detailed analysis of the notes, in order to understand the open source APM four axis code to provide an interface to better understand the flight of the aircraft. Some of the notes due to my understanding is still shallow, not able to cl...

Design of radar target tracking simulation system based on LabView

Application background1. Understanding the background, significance and research status of the subject (radar target tracking simulation system);2, learning LabVIEW, MATLAB and radar target tracking system and other related knowledge, familiar with the basic concepts and basic principles of radar ta...

Focus on improved Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm (CLPSO;ISPO; CPSO)

Comprehensive study of particle swarm optimization algorithm ( CLPSO ) And intelligent algorithm for single-particle (ISPO), several famous algorithm, and to integrate, multi-extremal optimization comparison can be made....

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