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ICP algorithm for 3D point cloud registration C++ ICP_test

Application background ,  ,  , ICP,, Iterative , Closest , Points ,, (Algorithm). Mckey algorithm is proposed by Besl and ICP. It is a kind of point registration method based on contour feature to solve the problem of registration based on free form surface.Key TechnologyThe...

Fully automatic 3D scanner software

Application backgroundAutomatic 3D scanner software, can be used directly, Matlab and OpenCV based on the research results of the Brown University in the United States...

MPEG-PS package

Format of a MPEG-PS package, packaging rules, in accordance with ISO_IEC_13818-1. Packages available after General player, such as VLC, storm audio-visual and other regular player. Code that has been tested is available. 2 Engineering is one of the package is unpacked....

AES algorithm for c (c++) _ supporting 128, 192 and 256 bit keys

AES algorithm for c (c++) _ supporting 128, 192, and 256-bit key AES algorithm implements a C++ class that can be called directly...

Biogeography-Based Optimization of biogeography optimization algorithm

A new intelligent optimization algorithm, PSO and GA ABC DE commonly used optimization algorithm has a better algorithm optimization effect and convergence. On the algorithm published in 2008 in the IEEE TEC, the basic idea is that different species based on the biogeography of the migration theory,...

Frequent subgraph mining algorithm GSPAN

The frequent subgraph mining algorithm, GSPAN, is a classic graph mining algorithm. It was written in C++. It is very good material for reference and learning. ...

STM32 reads 9150

STM32 read the mpu9150 source, and geomagnetic heading alignment code to test is absolutely feasible....

TDOA_AOA positioning of the extended Kalman filter MATLAB source code

TDOA/AOA is used more in the field of wireless location positioning of a system, the TDOA (time difference) are two base stations via the heartbeat of time instead of absolute time is reached to determine the location of mobile stations, reducing the time synchronization requires. Using three differ...

Basler camera trigger

Basler camera input, and valuable, can provide the Basler camera trigger reference cache collection. Official GM and hope for all of us....

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