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Full waveform inversion procedures

This program is written using forten, detailed, run the inversion results obtained, unpacked, and major programs in a folder called src in the forward part of a staggered-grid finite difference method for inversion based on Conjugate gradient...

D point cloud grid

Application background3D point cloud mesh, applied to 3D reconstruction, by structured light scanning to obtain the 3D point cloud data, the point cloud data reconstruction and generate triangles.Key TechnologyUsing the edge extension to construct the triangulation algorithm is:1 select two data poi...

STM32F103 balance car program

Application backgroundBy now two wheeled self balancing vehicle development as the background, this project design a number of areas covering multiple disciplines, automatic control, pattern recognition, sensor technology, electronic and electrical, computer, machinery and, two wheeled self balancin...

Pure soft motion control source code, including the algorithm (control board and PC through USB connection)

Application backgroundIn order to source, buy the control board, to share with you.USB control and control of 16.1 can be used for multi axis engraving machine for high-speed motion control. Can automatically reset automatic breakpoint record, dropped connection. The default support 8 axis linkage,...

Eye blinking Algorithm

This project is a eye tracking and blinking detection using opencv library, the first step of the algorithm is to locate the eye region, then a template matching algorithm used for tracking, the next step is the blink detection, the first step in blink detection algorithm is to subtract the current...

Strapdown inertial navigation C language

Strapdown inertial navigation C language,Strapdown inertial navigation learning to use, online reference routines written ~...

SVM image recognition

The use of SVM classifiers for image classification, the operating environment for opencv, and contains the relevant literature on the inner code package libSVM...

Cellular automata simulation of personnel evacuation

Cellular automata model for source code under simulated emergency evacuation Limited space by constructing a two-dimensional cellular automaton, with a single dot represents where personnel may position under simulated emergency conditions such as fire personnel evacuation...


this project is about optical ofdm system with optisystem ; the project describe an optical ofdm system in long haul ommunications...

K-Means algorithms MapReduce

public class KmeansMapper extends MapReduceBase implements Mapper<LongWritable, Text, IntWritable, DoubleArrayWritable> { // one coodinate(data) private List<DoubleWritable> coordinate = new ArrayList<DoubleWritable>(); private BasicKMeansTool basicKmeans = new BasicKMeans...

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