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Design and realization of indoor positioning system based on WiFi

More practical indoor location algorithm code. Detailed instructions. -Practical indoor positioning algorithm code. There are described in detail....

stm32 driver of non-inductive Brushless DC Motor

stm32 pwm  output controlnon-inductive brushless dc motorAd inside the  stm32 was used to detect the back electromotive force to switch the direction. Uplink computer is needed...

Genetic algorithm for robot path planning

Application backgroundIn today's society robot optimization has become a hot issue, appeared in the major colleges and universities to complete the set of questions, this design can complete their academic requirements for undergraduate students and to study survival needs further study, but it can...

DSP (TMS320F28335) + FPGA (XC3S500E) control stepper motor routines source code, schematics

Application backgroundDSP (TMS320F28335) + FPGA (XC3S500E) control stepper motor routines source code, schematicsKey TechnologyThis program is a control step motor method based on 28335, and can get good effect by myself.....

Traffic routing problem with time Windows

Application background    routing problems with time windows VRPTW (vehicle).Vehicle routing problem (VRP) the earliest is firstly proposed by Dantzig and ramser in 1959, it is refers to a certain number of customers, each with a different number of demand for goods, distribution centers t...

Fully automatic 3D scanner software

Application backgroundAutomatic 3D scanner software, can be used directly, Matlab and OpenCV based on the research results of the Brown University in the United States...

Cellular automata simulation of personnel evacuation

Cellular automata model for source code under simulated emergency evacuation Limited space by constructing a two-dimensional cellular automaton, with a single dot represents where personnel may position under simulated emergency conditions such as fire personnel evacuation...

MPEG-PS package

Format of a MPEG-PS package, packaging rules, in accordance with ISO_IEC_13818-1. Packages available after General player, such as VLC, storm audio-visual and other regular player. Code that has been tested is available. 2 Engineering is one of the package is unpacked....

AES algorithm for c (c++) _ supporting 128, 192 and 256 bit keys

AES algorithm for c (c++) _ supporting 128, 192, and 256-bit key AES algorithm implements a C++ class that can be called directly...

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