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US" style="font-size:9pt;font-family:Verdana, sans-serif;">CUDA是Compute Unified Device Architecture的缩写。 代码中主要包含CUDA的基本功能库,图像立体匹配源代码,图像处理源代码和模板匹配源代码等,还包含了测试数据。...

Implement TMAC OMNeT

In omnet4.0 platform to achieve more tmac agreement, which has detailed protocol implementation code, which has the agreement of all performance tests, you only need to create a new project and then import about recompiled to run. The simulation network mesh network...

IGES interpreter


face recongnition v2

SPACE: nowrap">这个软件是真的人脸识别。这是示例代码。我想这将给予帮助。我们使用C#语言进行编程。这是很好的样本。...

STS protocol library

STS meters commonly used library, outside common prepaid metering will be used, if it is useful, please contact me, including prepaid charging charging money, managed code, and so on a series of physiological data, provided a not convenient for use....

On-board diagnostic code

related source code, include a detailed description of the connection, development and diagnostic development of OBD systems are very inspired, and we wish to communicate a lot with it!...

Eighth group Freescale Semiconductor smart car camera programs (IAR)


Clustering in data mining algorithms, mathematical algorithms can be used as lea...

Clustering in data mining algorithms, mathematical algorithms can be used as learning time, and also can develop software as their own use...

STM32 reads 9150

STM32 read the mpu9150 source, and geomagnetic heading alignment code to test is absolutely feasible....

Segmentation algorithm of pulmonary nodules


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