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adaboost and Haar, contain training and detection,detect face recognition

Simple adaboost program, faces with MIT inside library, using haar features for training...

NC machining simulation

Dimensional NC simulation VC source code, hope useful for learning control machining simulation programming friends. VC6.0 source code is compiled, it has been re-compiled with VS2008. Welcome everyone to download....

Image inpainting

Methods for Partial Differential Equations: Bertalmio using the method of partial differential equations (PDE) for image restoration, and achieved good results. Contour external users need to specify the areas in need of repair, the algorithm will be repaired area boundary information along contour...

Gaussian noise, the 2008_TSP papers and MATLAB,c language

It's paper 2008_IEEE_TSP_Audio Denoising by Time-Frequency Block Thresholding algorithm, can be used for audio noise reduction, compressed package provides a paper original, MATLAB realization, c language, c needs to build the project, vs or Linux can be also compiled executable, using the provided...

Clustering in data mining algorithms, mathematical algorithms can be used as lea...

Clustering in data mining algorithms, mathematical algorithms can be used as learning time, and also can develop software as their own use...


Eigenvalue calculation at both ends of the efficient algorithm, adjusting numerical lapack package....


Bateoushi Filter Design (3.8mA), according to the design parameters, designed to meet the requirements of filters, and to provide diagram...

One-dimensional Discrete Wavelet Decomposition and reconstruction of signals the VC realization

Understanding the fundamentals and algorithms of Discrete Wavelet transform based on design VC Procedure for simple one-dimensional signals with white Gaussian noise followed by Daubechies 小波、 Morlet Wavelet and Haar Wavelet transform, resulting in Wavelet coefficients; again by changing the b...


simarraysigim.m roomimpres.m imagesim.m delayt.m...

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