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Zhang proposes a technique for calibration based on the observation of a flat blank from various positions....

Image distortion correction

This algorithm implements image distortion correction, mainly for the video camera to create a variety of distortion by adjusting the parameters to achieve correction. Algorithm using C++ and OpenCv implementation....

Spherical projection

Spherical projection, image mapping of spatial data to the target coordinates, with test images and MATLAB code, run no problem...

Coordinates convertion

Gauss, as well as between various types of coordinates longitude and latitude coordinates, users can complete the coordinates through the MFC interface to read, enter, so as to obtain the required coordinates...

C1c2c3 between seismic coherence cube c++ algorithms

Geophysical seismic c1c2c3 of coherence between c++ algorithms...

Fudan University the development of natural language processing

FNLP was mainly developed for Chinese natural language processing toolkits, including machine learning algorithms in order to achieve these tasks and data sets. This kit contains a DataSet use LGPL3.0 license. Function as follows:        information retrieval: Clustering in Chine...

ArcEngine drawing map

Application backgroundArcEngine map painting, beginners can learn fromKey TechnologyArcEngine painting, map examples have been applied to the practical application of Dalian as the background...


Kalman filtering and some of the relevant deformation filtering algorithm...

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