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size:13.36px;font-family:serif;left:94.5596px;top:706.56px;transform:rotate(0deg) scale(0.996906, 1);transform-origin:0% 0% 0px;" data-angle="0" data-font-name="g_font_23_0" data-canvas-width="283.15452493591306"> Zhang proposes a technique for calibration based on the observation of a flat blank...

Image distortion correction

This algorithm implements image distortion correction, mainly for the video camera to create a variety of distortion by adjusting the parameters to achieve correction. Algorithm using C++ and OpenCv implementation....

Spherical projection


Coordinates convertion

Gauss, as well as between various types of coordinates longitude and latitude coordinates, users can complete the coordinates through the MFC interface to read, enter, so as to obtain the required coordinates...


Kalman filtering and some of the relevant deformation filtering algorithm...

use Matlab for achieving the kmeans algorithm. Data sets.

use Matlab for achieving the kmeans algorithm. Data sets....

professional algorithm oil exploration, seismic wave impedance inversion prepara...

professional algorithm oil exploration, seismic wave impedance inversion preparation, and the initial two-dimensional or three-dimensional model of (layer constrained interpolation)...

Curve extraction with chain code matching

Initial edge of the input image for binary image, the program will automatically disconnect extraction of edge curves, and automates the curve matches....

Shop codes

    &Nbsp;  codes used in job shop scheduling research, mostly combining genetic algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm, as an improved algorithm to study the problem, for job shop scheduling research has a great deal of help, hope to be useful, I finally found the code on th...

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