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adaboost and Haar, contain training and detection,detect face recognition

Simple adaboost program, faces with MIT inside library, using haar features for training...


Bateoushi Filter Design (3.8mA), according to the design parameters, designed to meet the requirements of filters, and to provide diagram...

One-dimensional Discrete Wavelet Decomposition and reconstruction of signals the VC realization

Understanding the fundamentals and algorithms of Discrete Wavelet transform based on design VC Procedure for simple one-dimensional signals with white Gaussian noise followed by Daubechies 小波、 Morlet Wavelet and Haar Wavelet transform, resulting in Wavelet coefficients; again by changing the b...


simarraysigim.m roomimpres.m imagesim.m delayt.m...


Zhang proposes a technique for calibration based on the observation of a flat blank from various positions....

vb Positive and Negative Calculation

Applies to the coordinate transformation using Gaussian projection is calculated under Beijing, XI ' an 80-54 as well as coordinates in the cgcs2000 coordinate system, you can achieve the transformation of the coordinate system. Mapping and geographic information maps on the correction, the most bas...

Image distortion correction

This algorithm implements image distortion correction, mainly for the video camera to create a variety of distortion by adjusting the parameters to achieve correction. Algorithm using C++ and OpenCv implementation....

Multiple target tracking

A multiple targets tracking based on OpenCV code can track multiple targets, each target can be indicated by a rectangle, using the tracking method based on hog. Code is simple, but is very incomplete. A lot of advice! I hope to help you!...

Spherical projection

Spherical projection, image mapping of spatial data to the target coordinates, with test images and MATLAB code, run no problem...

VIBE Background subtraction algorithm

Vibe real-time background subtraction algorithm. This algorithm is coded with C/C++. It can find moving object on sequential frames and videos....

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