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face recongnition v2

this software is true face recognition. this is sample code. i think will be help. we used c# language for programing. this is good sample....

Viterbi Convolutional coding and decoding algorithm for FPGA realization of the project

Convolutional coding uses 2,1,2 non-systematic Convolutional codes, decoding algorithm using the Viterbi algorithm, absolute engineering validation systems; supports up to 50Mbit/s more throughput...


RBF RBF multidimensional spatial interpolation algorithm for space scattered surface reconstruction, better than polynomial interpolation...


Bateoushi Filter Design (3.8mA), according to the design parameters, designed to meet the requirements of filters, and to provide diagram...

One-dimensional Discrete Wavelet Decomposition and reconstruction of signals the VC realization

Understanding the fundamentals and algorithms of Discrete Wavelet transform based on design VC Procedure for simple one-dimensional signals with white Gaussian noise followed by Daubechies 小波、 Morlet Wavelet and Haar Wavelet transform, resulting in Wavelet coefficients; again by changing the b...

Meme algorithm pseudocode

Memetic is a highly efficient evolution calculation method, this example shows the Rosenbroek function, for example, you can add other functions to test it. -memetic cultural evolution is an efficient method of calculating the sample to Rosenbroek function as an example of the presentation, you can...


simarraysigim.m roomimpres.m imagesim.m delayt.m...


Zhang proposes a technique for calibration based on the observation of a flat blank from various positions....

AdaBoost algorithm of face detection procedures

Prepared by the MATLAB programming language based on adaboost algorithm for fast and efficient face detection, very high reference valueMATLAB colour detection with adaboost algorithm of human face feature extraction program...

Fuzzy PID controller

  Fuzzy-PID algorithm, realize the intersection method to calculate the relationship between Fuzzy implication and composition operations, and max-min method and method for calculating output fuzzy sets, the weighted average method to calculate the actual amount of clear control of parts of the...

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