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Image Segmentation

The code contains DIP image segmentation using JSEG method. Images are segmented using JSEG with Color Quantization, Image grow region grow methods are applied....


GUI interface version 2.0 in speaker recognition system inputs needed for this project are: 1 the original speech signal input (WAV format) 2 speech recognition input signal (WAV format)Required output for this project: 1 original MFCC coefficient of speech signals (13 d); 2 original speech signal c...

In finite element analysis to calculate the structure of the overall stiffness m...

In finite element analysis to calculate the structure of the overall stiffness matrix, element stiffness matrix, element node displacement, stress and strain, etc....


With C++ Language based on wavelet analysis of the source code, the realization of the wavelet analysis of many algorithms...


consider the future competitiveness of the space problem solving interactive site...

Robot soccer

Algorithm of robot soccer games, robot football match may make various movements, moving, shooting, and so on....

The co-occurrence matrix to extract the texture

Gray level co-occurrence matrix algorithm realization, energy, entropy, moments of inertia, and locally stationary, co-occurrence matrix...

Image preprocessing

Now, so far all possible binary program, you can debug your program results, which is very convenient....


Known: the signal wavelength is 2, antenna array element spacing of 1 m, fast, the number is 2000, has four air source signals, assuming that their frequency four direction of the source signals are: o: 1) under the condition of without noise, observation and calculate the covariance matrix characte...

Facial expression recognition

Used pictures library, in detection stage, first on pictures for gray of processing, light compensation, then for to noise, for pictures edge of processing, in for owned a of, makes pictures consistent, in features extraction process in the with PCA main components analysis method, on pictures featu...

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