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An expression parser, you can resolve more than 20 kinds of regular expression o...

An expression parser, you can resolve more than 20 kinds of regular expression operators in support of priority!...

Realization of the order table

Table implementations of basic operation (initialization, inserting, deleting, and long tables, find, search by location-by-value)...

QR code generation

QR generator to generate two-dimensional code, very simple to use, including a win 32 console program that can generate a two-dimensional code images directly to a designated location...

Line overlay program

C++ covered program based on line segmentThis section procedure is based on the greedy algorithm,After the initialization of the line segments are pre processed, if read the left end point than the right endpoint, then a change of position.First use the quick sort to sort the left end point line,Ran...

graphics demo assignment

grahics demo assignment. Using OpenGL in VC environment to achieve a three-dimensional walkthrough in the scene including ground, a cube, a tetrahedron, keyboard control, roaming, as well as cube and tetrahedron respectively in each direction of rotation...

Most streamlined C ++ queue, covering a variety of methods

Queue features: First In First Out (FIFO) - elements of advanced first-out queue queue. From our lives queue (the first queued before finishing things).Queue are the following actions:InitQueue () - initialize the queueEnQueue () - into the queueDeQueue () - the queueIsQueueEmpty () - to determine w...

Consistency verification of algorithm

we introduce a novel Broadcast-Free Algorithm that solves Consensusproblem in the presence of a Weak-Fairness property and an unreliablefailure detector -property, in asynchronous distributed systems, and later itsformal veri cation. The Broadcast-Free Algorithm Model is de ned as a globaltransition...

Algorithms such as breadth-first search, depth first search

Breadth-first search algorithm, depth-first search.Data structures course, within the algorithm used to analyze the relevant algorithms, build structures.Including the breadth-first search, depth-first search, the generalized table, tree, queues build and so on....

Painting program using MFC

This is a simple code to draw circle and eclipse using MFC. This for beginners who is studying MFC.  In the code, it is explained in detail how to use it, which made it very easier for users to understand. ...

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