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Seagate HDD repair tools STComTools

space:nowrap;">1, class f 2, enter the D60,2 command line carriage return 3, the use of the software following the "send file", select the APP module files Set the block size is 2048, sending and wait for a message to complete. 4, enter the j,,1 command line carriage return, you can go to the t...

Recover deleted files for Delphi source code

space:nowrap;">恢复删除文件的Delphi源代码,支持FAT 12/16/32,NTFS文件系统...


disksim is a very good disk simulation tools, using the tool to study the storage system can easily test I/O performance, efficient simulation....

TaskManager source

height:1.5;">你可以看到所有程序运行在本地系统中。的程序和 EndTask 每个想要使用的 CPU...


Virtual Disk SDK is a library for software developers that allows to create virtual drives and disks, format them to FAT or NTFS or other file system, and mount as if they were physical devices without having to write low level driver code. Using Virtual Disk SDK requires no experience in kernel mod...


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