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copies of the source documents, I believe we have seen it by now. To understand the beginners...

驱动实现虚拟磁盘很经典的哟 ,是研究虚拟磁盘的入门范例

Virtual disk drive classic yo is to study the introductory example of the virtual disk...

一个磁盘文件被删除后恢复的源程序! 内嵌汇编代码~!

a disk files are deleted after the restoration of the source! Embedded code compilation ~!...

用Visual C++编写的程序,通过该程序可获得硬盘的序列号

prepared using Visual C procedure for the adoption of the procedures available on the hard drive serial number...

DirectDisk for Win2000/NT allow you to directly access physical sectors from flo...

DirectDisk for Win2000/NT allow you to directly access physical sectors from floppy, hard disks, logical volumes and CDRoms. It is released under the GPL license ( Please mail me for whatever about this project. The HexEditor component is from Markus Stephany. Mo...


If the document is incomplete, or the Bad Track disk there may not be copied, this time on badcopy the need to copy the damaged files on the track....


safecopy is a data recovery tool which tries to extract as much data as possible from a problematic (i.e. damaged sectors) source- like floppy drives, harddisk partitions, CDs, tape devices, ..., where other tools like dd would fail doe to I/O errors....

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