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LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  have lots of useful functions for u to use. This system also has a responsive design compatible with mobile devices. The functions of this system are: For the admin side of the system •Add, edit, delete student information •Add, edit, delete teacher...

MFC ADO to connect to the database

ADO to connect SQL database source code simple implementation of ADO to connect to the database, for example, to test OK; Welcome to download...

pSQL - One file MySQL Database Management

pSQL is a utility for managing your MySQL databases. It contains only one file, making it very easy to installIt is still in development and you can currently:Create databaseView database tablesView table structureView table dataCreate new table (with visual editor)Insert data (Requires you to use q...

Document management system source code

Development environment + VS2008 + C# + SQL2008...

Global Business Web system introduction GLOBALEC.COM.CN [generated HTML version]

Global Business Web system introduction GLOBALEC.COM.CN [generated HTML version] System Overview: Software Name: Global Business Web site system the current version: V1.0 the latest version: V1.1 Operating Environment: WINNT+ (IIS)+ ASP+ MSSQL scripting languages: ASP System Requirements: OS Windows...


the system for asset management systems, three user competence, Administrators of the management and staff of the assets sold, the finance staff of the valuation of assets and distribution of assets; maintenance staff was to the safeguarding of assets and to preserve the management...

学生管理系统 vc++6.0 与access编程 学生管理系统 vc++6.0 与access编程...

student management system vc 6.0 programming students with access management system vc 6.0 and ACCE ss Programming...

考勤管理系统: 初始登录的用户和密码均为KQ

attendance management system : initial login and password of the users were Application of KQ...

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