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Library management system

Library management system is a typical management information systems (MIS), which mainly involves the establishment and maintenance of the database and front-end application development aspects. Former request to establish data consistency and integrity and security of data. While the latter requir...

E-commerce online shopping cart for free

This is the best e-commerce project to sell products for you own choice. Built in PHP/MySQL, HTML5, and CSS....

Simple Credit Management Database Design

A simple credit management database system for teachers manage student credits, such as adding, modifying students all subjects, easy to manage credit without having to modify each lesson again and performance information...

Courier Management System

Project Title: Courier Management SystemProject Technology: ASP.NET with C#, SQL Server 2005Project Description: Courier Management System is an Intranet based web Application. The main objective of this final year project is to help the courier company to maintain its information system along multi...

Human resource management system

Application backgroundDownload the project and use it for your organisation/department. It works on PHP and user friendly. You can use this project and different users can be added and their records can also maintained.Key TechnologyThis project can be used  for your organisation/department. Do...

Health club

Application backgroundAccording to the analysis of the problems existing in the fitness center membership management, the member information management system can be said to be a comprehensive fitness center membership management system, which it integrated management system, member management, memb...

MFC login interface test

Application backgroundMFC beginner, login interface, the operator and maintenance staff login, multi window call display. Suitable for beginners to learn, to change the sentence to change the original design, I hope you learn and exchange.Key TechnologyThe login module is one of the important module...

Hospital station code, for learning reference

Application backgroundShanghai a hospital station B/S site code, very brilliant, compressed packet with a complete MSSQL database...

Library management system, PHP, SQL

Application background ফ্রি তে নিয়ে নিন ১৬ জিবি পেনড্রাইভ সহ আকর্ষনীয় সব ইলেকট্রনিক গেজেট!!! Gokano- এটি একটি ট্রাস্টেড এলিট ওয়েব...

Hotel Management System

Application backgroundJSP's normal design, Sever SQL database, the front display of the hotel room information and dining information, to achieve customer registration, registration, booking and other functions, the background for the administrator interface, to achieve the login, order inquiries, m...

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