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Ex9 ex9 SSD7

Application backgroundcvvddsfz dbgbvc cxdf fdg ddfdf xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdfsssssssssssssssssssssKey Technologydfsfdffdfddf df cdxzsdsfzcvfdfdfdfdfdf dfdfsdf g ddfdfdfdf...

VC++ to write the order management system source code

Application backgroundUsing C + + language, combined with MFC and database language to write an order management system, very good practice to learn the primary project, only solid from the basics to learn, to learn good programming knowledge. In particular, C++ does not attach importance to the pro...

SQL database dictionary generator green version

Application backgroundSQL database dictionary generator green version, to generate a beautiful database template, easy and simple!!...


Eform SQL to get data from database. filter sql, testing ,development , thanks....


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