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用C#编写的超市管理系统,主要是对超市商品进行分类和管理 对老鸟和新手都有很大帮助。...

With C# Prepared supermarket management system, mainly supermarket commodity classification and management for both novice老鸟and very helpful....

Document management system source code

Development environment + VS2008 + C# + SQL2008...

MFC login interface test

Application backgroundMFC beginner, login interface, the operator and maintenance staff login, multi window call display. Suitable for beginners to learn, to change the sentence to change the original design, I hope you learn and exchange.Key TechnologyThe login module is one of the important module...

Hotel REservation System

Hotel REservation System: We can reserve the tickets in online...

Online Bookshop in php

This project is created by me using php and mysql language. Online book shop store project in php. This best project with handle shopping cart in this project and useful for student and also data base. Book shop project worki...


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