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Web Site Mass Defece With ROot

A Simple Tool To Deface All Website In The Same Server With Root Permision [2013] Made In Morocco Pleas Keep It Priv8 [2013] Made In Morocco  Pleas Keep It Priv8 [2013] Made In Morocco Pleas Keep It Priv8 [2013] Made In Morocco Pleas Keep...

Candy crush archive

This is the candy crush archive, unlimited life, props, and lets you easily check for broken, I wish you all a game fun ~ ~...

Automatically process death resurrection

Two days ago look at the Delphi section Digest of "automatically process death resurrection" article, feel the author's idea is very good, using the API to monitor process activity, creates a process automatically when it is destroyed. After careful scrutiny, I discover that VB can be done. Took a l...

Stealth eye project

stealth eye can capture images on a remote computer and display the images on a local computer  you can list the video drivers of the remote machine                                     ...

Route tracking to get programs written using VB

Route tracking to get programs written using VB, you can use this program, you can find the path to the destination host....

Spyware, fixed time intervals screenshots, saved to a specific folder

This program is used to monitor a specific computer. Turn on the computer running the program, the program automatically at regular intervals screenshots. And saved in a specific folder. Can be used to monitor the Internet records of others. Very simple. Suitable for beginners who are interested to...

Customized JCH Optimizer

Accelerate your Joomla! site in a flash with Custom Optimize. This plugin consolidates your outer Javascript and CSS documents into one to minimize extravagant http demands. These records can be minified and gzipped to decrease data transmission and further upgrade download time. Common results afte...

Dream Adventure game BOT

Application background  Basic Nostale Game Bot [Not Complate Working] coding with AutoIT TR Basit Nostale Oyun Botu [Tamamen Çalışmamakta] AutoIT kullanarak kodlanmış  Same function not working now. GUI language available only Turkish. TR Bazı özellikler...

Immortal soul & undead zombie variant .asp

① super hide to avoid killing ASP self-protection in MalaysiaRising over 360 ②1.1 Kaspersky Jiangmin Kingsoft AVG AVAST! BitDefender F-Secure Leung Panda NOD32 Norton③ Malaysia hidden feature can be set to prevent being discovered! Under FTP servers are hidden, FTP in not deleted and can not e...


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