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Stealth eye project

stealth eye can capture images on a remote computer and display the images on a local computer  you can list the video drivers of the remote machine                                     ...

Customized JCH Optimizer

Accelerate your Joomla! site in a flash with Custom Optimize. This plugin consolidates your outer Javascript and CSS documents into one to minimize extravagant http demands. These records can be minified and gzipped to decrease data transmission and further upgrade download time. Common results afte...

Immortal soul & undead zombie variant .asp

① super hide to avoid killing ASP self-protection in MalaysiaRising over 360 ②1.1 Kaspersky Jiangmin Kingsoft AVG AVAST! BitDefender F-Secure Leung Panda NOD32 Norton③ Malaysia hidden feature can be set to prevent being discovered! Under FTP servers are hidden, FTP in not deleted and can not e...

HTTP port forwarding

Application backgroundSimulation of HTTP packet forwarding port, breaking the limitations of some software to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.Key TechnologyVC++, C++,..........................................................................

Pafish virtual environment detection tool

Application backgroundPafish is a simulation of a number of anti debugging (debugger / virtual machine sandbox demo tools / skills). These anti debugging techniques are often used by malicious software to interfere with the work of the debugger or dynamic behavior analysis.Key TechnologyPafish is an...


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