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Anti Rootkit kernel source code

NtosTools (Anti Rootkit) source, similar to the ice edge, more powerful than the ice edge management tools of the kernel source code...

Cc2540 driver example

The example code for TI official driving. ADC CLK DMA Flash I2C IO powermode Rnd sleeptimer SPI Timer1 UART WDT these relatively common example driven. Cc2540 is very helpful. The example code for TI official offer some of the driver. Contains the adc CLK dma flash i2c IO powermode RND sleept...

STM32 port Lwip to ucos platform

Currently on the market there are many using the STM32, which are useful to the network, but are basically naked with no operating system code is inappropriate in a multi-tasking, this program successfully transplanted lwip into ucos, and test a success in stm32f407...

Modbus application in STC12C5A

Detailed instructions: Modbus RTU communication protocol on the STC12C5A series of single-chip microcomputer realization, including realization of serial port communication and implements 1,2,3,4,5,6,15,16 function code for specific procedures when programming, consider the configurability and porta...

The DS2780 source

The DS2780 STM8 device driver source code, coulometric lithium batteries, voltage and current temperature data acquisition, 1WIRE, interface, similar to DS12B80...

Basler camera display code

Pro if you have spent $ 10,000 on the Basler camera does not worry about it? Download my programs let you fix this annoyance. This program can support a dual-camera shows, the use of multithreading technology, compile under VS2008...

RC522 source code

The driving practical test has been used in products, therefore, ease of use, download, no regrets! Functions include: find the cards, anti-collision, selected, verification of card password, read, written M1 M1 card data card is a piece of data, order cards went into hibernation, RC522, calculate t...

Read AM2321 STM32F407 simulate the I2C temperature/humidity sensor

This is what I write, please feel free to use, STM32f407 AM2321 simulated I2c read temperature and humidity sensors. AM2321 agreement document please find themselves online. Why use simulated I2C, because of the bad ST I2C module do timing easily mess, you know, the I2C is the most important is the...

The four rotor flight control STM32+ucosi-iii

Application backgroundUnmanned aerial vehicle is an integrated mechanical / electronic / automation and intelligent air robot, it is the crystallization of science and technology and human flying dream..Key Technology        Crazepony driver, which is based on the MINI four axis...

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