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STM32 port Lwip to ucos platform

Currently on the market there are many using the STM32, which are useful to the network, but are basically naked with no operating system code is inappropriate in a multi-tasking, this program successfully transplanted lwip into ucos, and test a success in stm32f407...

stm8s105 bldc closedloop

STM8 chip controlled brushless DC motor driver with Hall sensors, brushless DC motor start-stop to achieve directional control and PID speed control functions, for brushless DC motor's introduction to the study of language staff is very helpful ...

PLC driver development

Various PLC and upper machine drivers, Omron, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and internal agreement drive development, including serial drive, directly calls function can using, read left-device, wrote left-device, read and write serial, belongs to company internal source, is has value, but not adapted latest...

CC2540 bare-bones program with ADC,GPIO, external interrupts, model testing

CC2540   bare-bones program with ADC,GPIO, external interrupts, model testing, CC2540 learning a great deal of help,...

Can control FOC algorithm BLDC

Application backgroundCAN communication control, FOC,, 30000RPM,  ,  ,,,  ,  ,,  ,,  ,  ,,  ,  ,  ,,  ,  ,,  ,  ,,  ,,  ,,,  ,,  ,,  , nbsp,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ...

Nios SD card read/write

This code describes the Nios SPI nuclear control SD card method, with the most simple way to achieve SD card read/write operations for beginners to understand SD card the operation, including one document describes the process of SD card driver and Verilog code. This code was developed based o...

USB view application

C++ based application interacts with windows drivers and retrieve the list enumerated usb devices connected. ...

Designing and solving open vehicle routing problem with multiple depots by efficient meta-heuristic algorithms

“Transportation Management” is one of the hot major in different scientific areas such as Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Healthcare Management and etc. The main objective is “minimizing the total transportation cost” among supplier to the client in the way th...

RFID Contactless driver code

RFID valid driver source code, c, portable, and suitable for a variety of single-chip microcomputer, this non-contact RFID modules, read/write memory control blocks, and so on.The driver has been applied in many projects....

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