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8,806 controller code

8,806 controller code, based on the LPC2468, control-driven code 320X240 LCD screen, easy to understand. Suitable for beginners to learn to use....


This example is about OV9655 Drivers for STM32F2xx, It is work in dcmi mode. It displays the captured image on the LCD screen.The OV9655  is a low voltage CMOS image sensor that provides the full functionality of a single-chip SXGA (1280x1024) camera and image proc...

STM32 driver DS18B20

A DS18B20 program has been tested for two nights, managed debugging can sleep, first posted to share programs, followed by preparation for infrared remote-control programs, don't know how long debugging again, anyone interested in researching infrared remote temperature measurement?This is fun, and...

Secure programming Windows kernel source code

Windows kernel safety programming , with the book source, contains: memory-based virtual disk drive, file system filter driver, the TDi firewall, virtual network card driver, the NDIS protocol driver...

Adam Advantech capture card driver thermocouple RTD series

Adam Advantech capture card driver thermocouple RTD Series 6000, 5000, 4000, based on the provided. NET library functions written in Labview application driven....

High power LED PAR stage lights program

This program uses STC12C5608AD microcontroller, using its three-way linear dimming PWM signal PWM function, hardware PT4115 high power LED driver IC, the program also includes 4 keys detection and 4 composed of 7-bit digital display menu program....

Information on AVR single chip

AVR MEGA128 Development Board complete set material, convenient, a lot of routines....

Implement 驗 42 pictures 顯 follows implement 驗 destroy _SDIO V1.1_ flux versions

This truth 驗 shine truth now are as follows function: away airport of when waiting first 檢 測 Word Cuzco, so 後 檢 測 SD card whether exists, if SD card exists, rules away began find SD card root accounts follows Xia of PICTURE file my wallet, if found rules obviously shows make file my wall...


BULKUSB驱动,适合C8051F340bulk,经过测试,是学习winddk入门 的参考教程,并且有相应的硬件作为配套,如果有兴趣的话。 程序里面已经做了相应优化,并且有很多注释,希望能够给下载的达人提供帮助!...

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