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Based on the niosII SD card read-write procedure

Implemented in niosII SD card read-write procedure, I was running on DE2 Board, you can read and write to files, suitable for porting to other platforms, the file system is FAT16 and FAT32 format, and does not support other file formats....

8,051 rolling decoding HCS301

8,051 rolling decoding 433M HCS301, rolling the encryption algorithm, the complete works, you can compile and merit reference and reference, Keil compiler platform...

STM32-based AD9854 driver functions

AD9854 driver based on the STM32F103RBT6 function, test output maximum 100M frequency distortion, output amplitude of 500mV...

Can control FOC algorithm BLDC

Application backgroundCAN communication control, FOC,, 30000RPM,  ,  ,,,  ,  ,,  ,,  ,  ,,  ,  ,  ,,  ,  ,,  ,  ,,  ,,  ,,,  ,,  ,,  , nbsp,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ...

Stepper motor control simulation with MODELSIM VERILOG programs all

VERILOG programs with full simulation of step-motor vector (in MODELSIM6 simulation of all), you can directly use to design applications using LATTICE,ALTERA, or XILINX chip select. you can also modify the source code to meet your design requirements...

USB view application

C++ based application interacts with windows drivers and retrieve the list enumerated usb devices connected. ...

Stm32f4 drive TFT

Stm32f407vgta driven by FSMC TFT LCD screen, test by                                    ...

STC11F16XE driver 4 a stepper motor (16 segments of software implementation)

Powered by STC11F16XE 4 x 2803 led 4 stepper motors, each motor is broken down by software 16...

PKCS#11 documents

PKCS#11 encryption library interface for Chinese documents, hope useful to everybody, thank you. Usbkey is implemented actions, generate key pairs, written certificate and key related sample code....

TMS320F2808-based solar inverter engineering source

TMS320F2808-based solar inverter engineering source Function: (1) Send PWM wave normal (2) Key normal, slow play normal (3) the magnitude of the normal track mains (with a drive tube there is a problem, the output voltage is higher than the other two phases) (4) a variety of protection, overcurrent,...

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