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High power LED PAR stage lights program

This program uses STC12C5608AD microcontroller, using its three-way linear dimming PWM signal PWM function, hardware PT4115 high power LED driver IC, the program also includes 4 keys detection and 4 composed of 7-bit digital display menu program....

Implement 驗 42 pictures 顯 follows implement 驗 destroy _SDIO V1.1_ flux versions

This truth 驗 shine truth now are as follows function: away airport of when waiting first 檢 測 Word Cuzco, so 後 檢 測 SD card whether exists, if SD card exists, rules away began find SD card root accounts follows Xia of PICTURE file my wallet, if found rules obviously shows make file my wall...

LabVIEW is called WinCE LED driver

Feel that content of this practice is to learn how to deceive the LabVIEW compiler. Of course this work by a compiler, you need to understand the mechanism. Below is a simple example called------WinCE LED lamp driver.1, using VC to write a dynamic-link library procedure code is as follows: #includee...

UPD161691-datasheet, driver IC data

The IC for a long time, and I've found, no information online, to share. TFT-LCD one chip driver that includes display RAM. Colors: 262,144 colors/pixel...

SD Card In Arm

this project written in keil for connect SD card to Arm Micro controller, send and recieve data from MMc or SD card...

MSP430 module program

MSP430 programming convenience, let the program modularity. Including ADC12, LCD1602, LCD12864, light_angle, keyscan, DS18B20, I2C, interrupt, HC-SR04, angle, BLUETHOOTH, pid, timer, usart....

Robot ultrasonic

Using Ultrasonic sensors, to drive the smart car, which contains the interrupt, timer, serial, motor feedback encoder data, and more! Contains four motor (PWM speed control can be carried out), the two servo drive!!!...

Optical drive read/write VC source code

Drive control program, can control the optical drive open and read and write, and hungry for file copy-delete operation...

Single or multiple 18B20 in 51 under the SCM display

Single or multiple 18B20 in 51 MCU display of the program, including: a singleread serial number. Two, matching and read two LCD1602 displayProgram: degree sequence number, and 1602 from the left to the right are low to...

use passthru to implement ip redirection

Passthru ndis driver, according to the character of the word modify the packet to reach the redirection feature...

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