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Printer information acquisition source code

***************************************************************************** *                                    &nbs...

8,806 controller code

8,806 controller code, based on the LPC2468, control-driven code 320X240 LCD screen, easy to understand. Suitable for beginners to learn to use....

SOC chip USIM card driver

USIM card driver SOC chips, including testing procedures. ICC initialization routine, SIM interface controller initialization routine, UICC interrupt handling routines, insert card stability interrupt handling routines, interrupt handling routines started process is completed....

MC9S12XF512 code

Low-level driver code associated with LIN, XF512 developers can reference including the sending and receiving of LIN, is very helpful for beginners, we hope to help Freescale's friends...

STM32 photography program

STM32 camera (OV7670). high speed 4G card support, support UC/GUI. Helpful for learners to learn camera camera, you can download and take a look at...

STM32 I2C program

This program is using the stm32103 Board using MDK writing program, the program includes I2C Protocol implementation, and ways to read and write EEProm, through this instance to understand bus implementations, and ROM used a deeper understanding...

NDIS filter driver examples

This is winddk NDIS intermediate driver provided in instances, in its Foundation, can be flexible according to demand increased filter codeSet policies only allow packets meet the criteria adopted, does not meet the criteria of the discarded code location of the already marked increases in filtering...

Secure programming Windows kernel source code

Windows kernel safety programming , with the book source, contains: memory-based virtual disk drive, file system filter driver, the TDi firewall, virtual network card driver, the NDIS protocol driver...

Si114x_uv, test the UV source code, level 5

This is used to develop the Si1142 UV source code, the code is very detailed, to the C8051 development,  we welcome the guidance and sharing....

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