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I am on the I2C device summary, I feel okay, sent to friends

Application backgroundI2C (Integrated Circuit Bus Inter): is the Philips company launched the serial bus standard (for the second tier system). Bus expansion of external devices and peripherals interface addressable through a bus, have high bus arbitration and low-speed device synchronization and ot...

Implement 驗 42 pictures 顯 follows implement 驗 destroy _SDIO V1.1_ flux versions

This truth 驗 shine truth now are as follows function: away airport of when waiting first 檢 測 Word Cuzco, so 後 檢 測 SD card whether exists, if SD card exists, rules away began find SD card root accounts follows Xia of PICTURE file my wallet, if found rules obviously shows make file my wall...

IO Linux memory instance

Obtain card information of Linux system, including the physical address, IP address, subnet mask and other detailed information, access to the network card list need to obtain from /pro/net/dev file, open the file, then read the contents can be, the acquisition card information main function is iotc...

Serial LCM column

128x64LCM microcontroller based ARM application (serial interface)ARM microcontroller is 32 bits, and 51 SCM is 8 bits, the function of ARM microcontroller to much better than 51 single-chip, and its price has been very low, from the perspective of development, ARM microcontroller will occupy the li...

U-boot transplantation

Just a folder inside U-boot transplant procedures. Step inside is very clear! Needy students can take a look, this is good stuff about the system migration on...

Try to assemby

/*********************************************************************  *  *              ECAN C Library Source Code  *  *********************************************************************  * FileName:        ECAN...

IRIS detection source code

Realization of human eye human face detection based on color separation and localization and recognition algorithms source code. Can be continued on the basis of this update. -The human eye position detection with opencv source code, you can continue on this basis, revised and updated....

Serial Assistant open source

Serial Assistant open source, you can use the serial 1-4, VC++6.0 development, C++ language development, wants friends can refer to ~~~!...

Light a lamp

The lighting program is a very simple procedure. Using Keil c language programs to software running in a compiler to convert HEX files to download onto a single chip. Monolithic integrated circuit chip model is STC89C52, you can check it on the Internet for specific information....

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