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Making a personal search engine

Making a personal search engine. for beginners to learn how to use. Making a personal search engine. for beginners to learn how to use. Making a personal search engine. for beginners to learn how to use....

C programming language quality

This document is a program written by experienced programmers, and general tutorial book is not the same, the book is a summary of the main talking about some of the problems of programming, their own views, not suitable for beginners, suitable for a certain programming basics friend....

learn prologe

how to make AI program simple book to understand what is prologe language and after that you could built your program...

FEM Code for truss

Stap90 code of Zhang's book computational dynamics of book sources. As a means of study of structural dynamics, very well. Source code online...

Arduino cookbook

Arduino is most popular controller now a days. A students can learn it from their school level. It helps in developing many application. This is now accepted worldwide. It is versatile controller. As many one do not have idea about its use and all. Here i am attaching a book which is related to it....

Neuro-Fuzzy and soft computing matlab code

The file contains the matlab codes for the following book:Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger, and Chuen-Tsai Sun. Neuro-fuzzy and soft computing: a computational approach to learning and machine intelligence. Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1996....

Ethernet Cable Color Ordering

Actually the project  deals with finding the correct order for cross and stratight cables for networking which avoids the wrong climpling order and this will give you the best result in transmission...

OPNET modeling and Simulation of mobile RFID system

Application backgroundA mobile RFID system including network domain, node domain and process domain based on OPNET three-layer modeling mechanism is established to study the effect of anti-collision algorithm and multiple environmental factors on tag recognition rate. Simulation results show that...

Books Management System

Application backgroundweb网站开发较好的例子,实现了网上商城的功能,系统的基本业务流程是: 在表示层中,首先通过JSP页面实现交互界面,负责接收请求(Request)和传送响应(Response),然后Struts根据配置文 件(struts-config.xml)将ActionSer...

Resources compiled by foreign programmers system administrators greatly entire

Resources compiled by foreign programmers system administrators greatly entire, including backup, clone, cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud business processes in the software in detail....

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