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Three-track head decoding chip PA1100

Head decoding chip PA1100 characteristics: 1, and support single, and double, and three rail magnetic article card decoding; 2, and built-in RAM cache data; 2, and using simple, without external resistance capacity; 4, and support pros and cons to swipe; 5, and support automatically gain; 6, and sup...


简单的人事管理系统控制程序源码,适合初学者 #include <string>  #include <iostream>  #include <fstream>  #include <iomanip>  #include <memory.h>  #include <stdio.h>  #include <conio.h>  #incl...

UcosII kernel details

This document describes in detail the use of ucosII kernel and features, are indispensable to the development of MCU RTOS operating system information. Easy to learn and to find the appropriate information...

Archivo de ayuda Cython

[Cython] is a programming language based on Python, with extra syntax allowing for optional static type declarations. It aims to become a superset of the [Python] language which gives it high-level, object-oriented, functional, and dynamic programming. The source code gets translated into op...

Dictionary(coding, decoding, insert, remove)

Description of tasks: 1. The set of words of a dictionary ( dictionary contains the meaning of the words in the source language and the target language ) used to set the transfer in the form of a list. 2 . The task must perform the following operations : A) coding : the creation of a list of word...


#include"reg51.h" sbit SET_K    = P1^0; //设置 sbit PLUS_K   = P1^1;//左移加1 sbit SHIFT_K  = P1^2;//左移 sbit CHANGE_K = P1^3;//切换 年、月、日 bit SecFlag = 0;         bit FlashFlag = 0; unsigned int...

EBook reader

Also there are several upgrades on this code base APK, interested can look at, maybe you can make a better result. Advertising, added some code, everyone can see, and can be ignored....

QT reference documentation

There is a QT reference documentation detailing the QT classes that are defined, very clearly, is indispensable for researchers developed using QT as reference documentation, can find the definition of a class, you can also follow the function to find, it's very convenient, personal feeling than MSD...

document on actife filter

a vous de voir ce qu'il a dans le zip mon frère. a vous de voir ce qu'il a dans le zip mon frère....

CV Reference Manual

•  Image Processing   o  Gradients, Edges and Corners   o  Sampling, Interpolation and Geometrical Transforms   o  Morphological Operations   o  Filters and Color Conversion   o  Pyramids and the Applications   o  Connected Com...

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