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hello word

#include<stdio.h> printf("hello word");dafdsfsffffffffffffdafdafadsfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd...

CD source

Of MFC is a classic in the textbook, the simple MFC containing CD one, all source code and the executable file in the book all in one....


≪> books, a rare good books about LINUX driver development....

Enc28j60 driver

ENC28J60 SPI driver c source code at the bottom (the TCPIP protocol has been validated, IP addresses are manually configured), the test has been passed, the free choice of a single-chip microcomputer, with SPI interface without SPI interfaces...

Client Server Communication

Hi all,This project of mine is about the two devices one server and one client that communicate with each other. A very basic code for learners.This project of mine is about the two devices one server and one client that communicate with each other. A very basic code for learners.This project of min...

Reactive power optimization of power system based on genetic algorithm

For power system reactive power optimization for c++ code. Reactive power optimization, is when the system's structure parameter and load is given, by optimizing some of the control variables, which can be found on the premise of all constraints are satisfied, allowing the system to one or more perf...

long term evaluation (LTE 4G) orthogonal frequency division multiple acces

this book give the history of  previous generation , talk about broadband wireless systems and compare with them,then also talk about OFDM and LTE 4G in details   ...

Fase Unwrap

Ellips Masehian and M. R. Amin-Naseri. 2004. A voronoi diagram-visibility graph-potential field compound algorithm for robot path planning. J. Robot. ...

Adaptive sampling method for refactoring based on time-frequency filtering

Reconstruction based adaptive sampling frequency filtering method articles, content clearly available, reconstruction based adaptive sampling frequency filtering method is simple and practical, and easy project implementation....

Three-Ling elementary PLC tutorial

Mitsubishi in-house training materials, introduce PLC's electronic documents. From the base to the application details how to use plc, ladder diagrams, detailed script transformation is introduced. Beginners PLC necessary theory books...

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