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Ellips Masehian and M. R. Amin-Naseri. 2004. A voronoi diagram-visibility graph-potential field compound algorithm for robot path planning. J. Robot. ...

Adaptive sampling method for refactoring based on time-frequency filtering

Reconstruction based adaptive sampling frequency filtering method articles, content clearly available, reconstruction based adaptive sampling frequency filtering method is simple and practical, and easy project implementation....

Three-Ling elementary PLC tutorial

Mitsubishi in-house training materials, introduce PLC's electronic documents. From the base to the application details how to use plc, ladder diagrams, detailed script transformation is introduced. Beginners PLC necessary theory books...

C tutorial for beginners

Here is a book about C programming. It is very interesting for beginner preogramming. The book inclues topics: - C language overview - C Environment setup - C program structure - C basic Syntax - C data types - C variables - C storge classes - C loops...

Rf circuits

It's about transmission line analysis , explains clearly about high frequency elements, about oscillators,clear ideas about high frequency resistor,capacitor. This books helps to perform for practical applications.Since many application comes under rf environment it is widely useful....

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology

Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology provides coverage for a wide range of courses that contain electrical principles, circuit theory and technology in their syllabuses, from introductory to degree level. In addition, applications in all areas are expanded and emphasized and new further problems...

SVM Training Phase Reduction using Dataset feature filtering for malware detection

N-gram analysis is an approach that investigates the structure of a program using bytes, characters, or text strings. A key issue with N-gram analysis is feature selection amidst the explosion of features that occurs when N is increased. The experiments within this paper represent progra...

Introduction to biosensors, from electric circuits to immunosensors

The title of this textbook, Biosensors: From Electric Circuits to Immunosensors, implies that we are going to learn both electric circuitry (in relation to conventional sensors such as temperature sensors) and biosensors (such as antibody-based immunosensors). The idea of putting these tw...

Choosing embedded graphical libraries

Graphical interfaces are a major component of many embedded systems As usual, the free software and open source world offers a lot of choices to implement graphical interfaces Such a diversity makes it difficult to find one's way through all the available solutions This ta...

OPAL Architecture

c'est un fichier qui décrit les détails du projet opal qui décrit le fonctionnement du driver de la societe ST avec le hard ainsi que le Middle Ware de SagemCom Opal...

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