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C # Learning PDF

. NET supporting many kinds of Userboxes/Programming, veneered. NET Framework predict design support: -Visual Basic 2010 -Visual C++ 2010 -Visual c # 2010 (# read sharp) c # 2010 uprated 針 right in. NET Framework PagedDataSource ying of program design on Userboxes/Programming your grammar cla...

Japan IP communications network terms of service and development must be

Japan ip communications network service terms. Heisei 12 edition. About Japan ip communications network services detailed provisions related to Japan for the development of network-related software is extremely important....

Solaris Administrator's Guide

This is a very good ebook about Solaris system, beginners want to better grasp the Solaris system technician and Administrator's Guide , tells a detailed and interesting, easy to understand and master....

Elements of information theory(second edition, wiley)

This is the book of " Element of information theory, second edition,Wiley". ...

Delphi COM introduction to programming

Software reuse is the goal of the industry, people have wanted to be like building blocks like "assemble" applications, role of component object acts as a building block. So-called component object is actually good and can complete a certain predefined functionality of services or interfaces....

epas ieee paper

This paper is on electric power assisted steering very good for implementing power assisted steering system...

PDF417 national standard

PDF417 two dimensional barcode is a stacked two-dimensional bar code, currently the most widely used. PDF417 barcode is by United States SYMBOL companies invented by PDF (Portable Data File) means "portable data file." Composition each barcode a barcode character consists of a total of 4 bars...

Programming language compiler principles

Programming language compiler theory, really grasp the basic principles and techniques commonly used in  compiling the design and construction of the compiler, with system software debugging and development  capabilities, develop the ability to analyze and solve problems....

Making a personal search engine

Making a personal search engine. for beginners to learn how to use. Making a personal search engine. for beginners to learn how to use. Making a personal search engine. for beginners to learn how to use....

C programming language quality

This document is a program written by experienced programmers, and general tutorial book is not the same, the book is a summary of the main talking about some of the problems of programming, their own views, not suitable for beginners, suitable for a certain programming basics friend....

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