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C++ Visual digital image processing technology in the book with the code third chapters

Application backgroundC++ Visual digital image processing technology in the textbook with the code third, said the Fourier transform and inverse transform, discrete cosine transform, wavelet transform, there are a variety of orthogonal transformation, rotation scaling mirror transform, etc., code pr...

ECC foreign language teaching materials

Error-correcting code teaching materials in foreign languages, graduate this course the teacher's book, written by a foreigner, in great detail, suitable for new error-correcting codes and friends started, great help for my graduation thesis....

An important C Language book by Yaswant Kanetkar

An important c language book written by Yaswant Kanetkar. It really helps the student in the basic of c language. The beginner of c language have to be strong conceptual knowledge through this book....

Computer System Architecture Third Edition Solutions manno

this is solution manual for Computer System Architecture Third Edition Solutions morris mannobook.this version is complete one.all of exercise have been solved with comprehensive answers....

With Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging

Application backgroundA field that has been transformed by the recent availability of data from a new generation of space airborne systems the and synthetic, authors offer geometrical approach to the description of a aperture radar synthetic one, that addresses physicists as, specialists radar, well...

Mathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing A

Application backgroundMathematical Introduction to Compressive Sensing  gives theory detailed account of the core which upon field the build. is only With prerequisites moderate it textbook excellent an for graduate courses in mathematics engineering and It also serves as a reliable science. com...


(define (mycons x y)   (lambda (m . v)     (cond ((eq? m 'car) x) ((eq? m 'cdr) y)           ((eq? m 'setcar) (set! x (car v)))           ((eq? m 'setcdr) (set! y (car v)))   ...

Difference between stack, examples of demo

Describes in detail the stack, heap, and stack difference and gives examples explaining...

department library

this project is about department library administration system...

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