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ECC foreign language teaching materials

Error-correcting code teaching materials in foreign languages, graduate this course the teacher's book, written by a foreigner, in great detail, suitable for new error-correcting codes and friends started, great help for my graduation thesis....

An important C Language book by Yaswant Kanetkar

An important c language book written by Yaswant Kanetkar. It really helps the student in the basic of c language. The beginner of c language have to be strong conceptual knowledge through this book....

Computer System Architecture Third Edition Solutions manno

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px; line-height: 22px; font-size: 14px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: arial;">这是计算机体系结构的解决方案解决方案手册第三版莫里斯甘露本书。这个版本是行使完整的one.all已全面的答案解决...


- CONS" m))))) (define (mycar z) (z 'car)) (define (mycdr z) (z 'cdr)) (define (mysetcar! z newx) (z 'setcar newx)) (define (mysetcdr! z newy) (z 'setcdr newy)) (define k (mycons 1 2)) (write (list (mycar k) (mycdr k) k)) (mysetcdr! k -2) (write (list (mycar k) (mycdr k))) (mysetcar! k 12)...

Difference between stack, examples of demo

Describes in detail the stack, heap, and stack difference and gives examples explaining...

constellation points chosen in PSK

shift_keying#Binary_phase-shift_keying_.28BPSK.29" title="Phase-shift keying">BPSK),使用两个阶段,和"求积相移键控"(QPSK),使用四个阶段,虽然可以使用任意数量的阶段。由于通常二进制数据来传达,PSK 计划通常设计有的正在 2 的电源的星座...

exam conducted by UPSC in June / July India-wide

space:normal;">全印度进行的。有目标,以及常规 (描述性) 论文。GA (一般能力) 用一纸是候选人除了工程的学科评价体系的一部分。整个技术主题分为四篇论文 (论文 II、 III、 IV & V)。错误答案由候选人的客观类型文件中标记...

UWB numerical example

The memory will need write and read address generators, which will generate different, read / write addresses. Further in UWB, these addresses vary based on the data rate of transmission. Implementation of the address generators will result in a huge amount of logic especially in multiplexer...

department library

this project is about department library administration system...

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