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#include"reg51.h" sbit SET_K    = P1^0; //设置 sbit PLUS_K   = P1^1;//左移加1 sbit SHIFT_K  = P1^2;//左移 sbit CHANGE_K = P1^3;//切换 年、月、日 bit SecFlag = 0;         bit FlashFlag = 0; unsigned int...

document on actife filter

a vous de voir ce qu'il a dans le zip mon frère. a vous de voir ce qu'il a dans le zip mon frère....

Adaptive sampling method for refactoring based on time-frequency filtering

Reconstruction based adaptive sampling frequency filtering method articles, content clearly available, reconstruction based adaptive sampling frequency filtering method is simple and practical, and easy project implementation....

Rf circuits

It's about transmission line analysis , explains clearly about high frequency elements, about oscillators,clear ideas about high frequency resistor,capacitor. This books helps to perform for practical applications.Since many application comes under rf environment it is widely useful....

Japan IP communications network terms of service and development must be

Japan ip communications network service terms. Heisei 12 edition. About Japan ip communications network services detailed provisions related to Japan for the development of network-related software is extremely important....

learn prologe

how to make AI program simple book to understand what is prologe language and after that you could built your program...

The C Programming language(English/Chinese Version)

The C Programming languageContentsPreface to the first edition.Chapter 1 - A Tutorial Introduction..1.1 Getting Started1.2 Variables and Arithmetic Expressions1.3 The for statement.1.4 Symbolic Constants1.5 Character Input and Output1.5.1 File Copying.1.5.2 Character Counting..1.5.3 Line Counting.1....

C language bitwise operation greatly entire

Bitwise operations are defined as binary arithmetic. Because system software, often address the problem of binary digits.For example, a storage unit in the bits left or right by one bit, the sum of two numbers, and so on.C language bitwise functions with other high level languages (such as PASCAL),...

International Electrical Engineering advanced technology on power converter circuit

Application backgroundThe book reveals the key components of the rectifier, inverter, Zhou Bo converter and converter circuit, which describes the relationship between the voltage and current, and the nature, operation, control and performance of the converter and its practical application. Many met...


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