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C tutorial for beginners

Here is a book about C programming. It is very interesting for beginner preogramming. The book inclues topics: - C language overview - C Environment setup - C program structure - C basic Syntax - C data types - C variables - C storge classes - C loops...

Rf circuits

It's about transmission line analysis , explains clearly about high frequency elements, about oscillators,clear ideas about high frequency resistor,capacitor. This books helps to perform for practical applications.Since many application comes under rf environment it is widely useful....

learn prologe

how to make AI program simple book to understand what is prologe language and after that you could built your program...

Ethernet Cable Color Ordering

Actually the project  deals with finding the correct order for cross and stratight cables for networking which avoids the wrong climpling order and this will give you the best result in transmission...

The C Programming language(English/Chinese Version)

The C Programming languageContentsPreface to the first edition.Chapter 1 - A Tutorial Introduction..1.1 Getting Started1.2 Variables and Arithmetic Expressions1.3 The for statement.1.4 Symbolic Constants1.5 Character Input and Output1.5.1 File Copying.1.5.2 Character Counting..1.5.3 Line Counting.1....

C language bitwise operation greatly entire

Bitwise operations are defined as binary arithmetic. Because system software, often address the problem of binary digits.For example, a storage unit in the bits left or right by one bit, the sum of two numbers, and so on.C language bitwise functions with other high level languages (such as PASCAL),...


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