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An important C Language book by Yaswant Kanetkar

An important c language book written by Yaswant Kanetkar. It really helps the student in the basic of c language. The beginner of c language have to be strong conceptual knowledge through this book....

Computer System Architecture Third Edition Solutions manno

this is solution manual for Computer System Architecture Third Edition Solutions morris mannobook.this version is complete one.all of exercise have been solved with comprehensive answers....

UWB numerical example

The memory will need write and read address generators, which will generate different, read / write addresses. Further in UWB, these addresses vary based on the data rate of transmission. Implementation of the address generators will result in a huge amount of logic especially in multiplexer...


#include"reg51.h" sbit SET_K    = P1^0; //设置 sbit PLUS_K   = P1^1;//左移加1 sbit SHIFT_K  = P1^2;//左移 sbit CHANGE_K = P1^3;//切换 年、月、日 bit SecFlag = 0;         bit FlashFlag = 0; unsigned int...

document on actife filter

a vous de voir ce qu'il a dans le zip mon frère. a vous de voir ce qu'il a dans le zip mon frère....

Adaptive sampling method for refactoring based on time-frequency filtering

Reconstruction based adaptive sampling frequency filtering method articles, content clearly available, reconstruction based adaptive sampling frequency filtering method is simple and practical, and easy project implementation....

C tutorial for beginners

Here is a book about C programming. It is very interesting for beginner preogramming. The book inclues topics: - C language overview - C Environment setup - C program structure - C basic Syntax - C data types - C variables - C storge classes - C loops...

Rf circuits

It's about transmission line analysis , explains clearly about high frequency elements, about oscillators,clear ideas about high frequency resistor,capacitor. This books helps to perform for practical applications.Since many application comes under rf environment it is widely useful....

learn prologe

how to make AI program simple book to understand what is prologe language and after that you could built your program...

FEM Code for truss

Stap90 code of Zhang's book computational dynamics of book sources. As a means of study of structural dynamics, very well. Source code online...


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