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Bulk CT scans TIFF images compressed and stored as JPG files smaller

Bulk CT scans TIFF images compressed and stored as a jpg file. CT scan pictures of large amount of data,  we have designed an algorithm that Compress it into a black and white channel, made into a JPG, so that  future synthesis of three digital entities....

boundary dilation of buildings

This code dilates the boundary mask of buildings in aerial images. The goal is to extract features outside of the building boundary with the aid of the dilated mask. Thus we just need the out of boundary region that is dilated....

Integrated desert grab color source

And integrated tools like a grasping function in the desert, pure write such modules, no written DLL all functions and API....

Fast Fourier Transform

Fast Fourier Transform implementation with own functions. It is using dynamic programming and recursivity The time is better than Fourier Transform it uses 4 loops for 2-D....

LCD dot matrix Edit tools

LCD display tools written in Delphi, you can edit the image, and then save it into data, for use by the microcontroller.                               &nbs...

A Lossy Coding Scheme for Images by Using The Daubechies Wavelet Transform - D4 And The Theory of Entire Cross Point Regions, Crosspoint 2D

Abstract— Thispaper presents Lossy Coding Scheme for Images by Using The Daubechies WaveletTransform – D4 and The Theory of Cross Point Regions with Entire Cross PointRegions (LS-HWT&ICRs), Crosspoint 2D . The base of this statement is the effect of Graycoding on cross points which are neigh...

image Denosing

this code is used to filter the noise in the image  which include the Goussian noise,saltpepper noise and speckle noise....

Cool image effect

Application background 1. Introduction Innumerable are the methods by which images can be manipulated so as to create new ones; some of these methods are quite simple, yet create new ones which appear cool and special. A number of software applications create these cool effects, and it is fa...

Mean filtering of C + +

Application background {  CDia_MF mf;      register int i,j,w,h,bit;    RGBBYTE** ptr1=NULL;  CImageToolDoc *pDoc = GetDocument();  if(pDoc->m_Dib.IsValid())  {   w = pDoc->m_Dib.GetWidth();   h = pDoc->m_Dib.GetH...

Image magnification

Application background How to write a Delphi application that is able to zoom in portion of your desktop screen - like a loupe. program that was able to display a magnified view of whatever is beneath the mouse cursor. I hope you will find it useful. Key Technologydelphi, TImage,...

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