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matlab on detection of blood vessels

this projects takes input eye image and identifies nerves in an eye using krisch templates. the result has an input image and coverterd to gray scale..then krisch templates is used to identify nerves in an eye. it can also detect vessel...

histogram equalization

histogram equalization code implemented in matlab  Very easy and smartly done code...

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection Using c++ and openCV project based on haarcascades algorithm...

C++ cutout

Bayesian cutout, then open the original image and trimap, cutout for them to work. Must be able to run, the other is some debug information is not removed, we run without acting on the line....

LabVIEW simulation flight, four axis PC, 3D animation demo

Application backgroundUsing LabVIEW to connect the sensor to obtain the attitude angle and then real-time LabVIEW in the form of animation to demonstrate the attitude of the aircraft and data. Which has a waveform to display data changes...

Delphi source image format conversion

Code written in Delphi, to achieve bmp,jpg,ICO,WMF conversion of image formats, such as...

A variety of image segmentation algorithm

Using OpenCV image processing tool kit in VC6.0 platform for image processing. Image region grows, Canny operator, a parallel region segmentation, serial boundary segmentation, image segmentation algorithms and segmentation of images can be very good for beginners to learn...


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