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Image edges serrate

Removing image edges serrateImage contour sampling points using curve fitting to form new contoursPast the edge pixels are added or removed to remove jagged...

dicom viewe

Do you know how frustrating it can be to endlessly wait for a patient CD to open?Does your viewer require the installation of additional components before the images can actually be viewed?Try the RadiAnt DICOM Viewer CD/DVD t is extremely fast, runs from CD/DVD media without installation on Wi...

Next moves back and forth around the teapot

The program simulated a teapot in a fixed area, exceeded established window, the teapot will disappear automatically. This program helps to simulate a gesture recognition....

Drag the mouse dynamically draw rectangle, curve, straight line,

Application backgroundCreate a graphical list (which can be an Shape array, or use the container class List< T>) to save the graphics for the interface to draw..2 application toolbar can specify the type of graphics described in 13 receive the user's mouse operation, click the left button to s...

finding objects its good

it's so cool man   edge dectection is very cool i think that it's very important thing in the world it's so cool man   edge dectection is very cool i think that it's very important thing in the world it's so cool man   edge dectection is...

The conversion of CIF into QCIF

VC programming the video CIF format into QCIF format video,CIF format: 352*288, progressive scanning, 30 frame / secQCIF format: 176*144, progressive scanning, 30 frame / secColor space: YCbCrSampling format: 4:2:0T1602690-97Image processing is the processing of image information, to meet the people...

boundary dilation of buildings

This code dilates the boundary mask of buildings in aerial images. The goal is to extract features outside of the building boundary with the aid of the dilated mask. Thus we just need the out of boundary region that is dilated....

Fast Fourier Transform

Fast Fourier Transform implementation with own functions. It is using dynamic programming and recursivity The time is better than Fourier Transform it uses 4 loops for 2-D....

LCD dot matrix Edit tools

LCD display tools written in Delphi, you can edit the image, and then save it into data, for use by the microcontroller.                               &nbs...

A Lossy Coding Scheme for Images by Using The Daubechies Wavelet Transform - D4 And The Theory of Entire Cross Point Regions, Crosspoint 2D

Abstract— Thispaper presents Lossy Coding Scheme for Images by Using The Daubechies WaveletTransform – D4 and The Theory of Cross Point Regions with Entire Cross PointRegions (LS-HWT&ICRs), Crosspoint 2D . The base of this statement is the effect of Graycoding on cross points which are neigh...


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