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Nachos are experiencing nachos concurrent programming under...


easyVM is a virtual machine, to simulate the 8086 and some simple peripherals, you can run MS-DOS 6.22. Is a college graduate design work. Watching the snow Forum Top essence, is a rare study of the virtual machine and code reference implementation....


used to achieve a solution to the problem of sleep Barber code...


hard disk boot record manual OS-MSDOS, windows, windows NT, Linux system hard disk boot process...


I personally prepared by the operating system, achieved a protected mode and switch to user mode users running process, with the right operating system will definitely help beginners!...

Operating system, curriculum design, simulation UNIX disk file management system...

Operating system, curriculum design, simulation UNIX disk file management system • Create file storage media management mechanisms • • File system functions to create the directory (show directory, create, delete, open, close, read, write) • File Operation Interface (show dir...


A very comprehensive development package. Including the real-mode interrupts, memory and disk processing...

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