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Operating system Clock algorithm Java implementation

Operating System Clock algorithm implemented in Java, consists of three files:, job wrapper classes., realize Clock algorithm., main. Series is not very good, but clearly understood, for your reference....

Process simulation

Process control simulation program  Designed and implemented with a process creation, cancellation, blocking, wake up, the process of scheduling function control simulation program....

Registry monitoring

A registry monitoring package type, when the registry key monitoring changes, will trigger the callback event retrieval, is a very good reference for learning the registry operation....

Serial port debug, serial port monitoring, serial port, virtual serial port

Application backgroundWritten in my own, debugging serial port, serial port monitoring, serial network, virtual serial port tools, many applications can achieve serial application in network transmission, support from the multi thread concurrent processes running. If you need to modify, you can modi...

Memory allocation and recovery simulation

Application backgroundSimulation of the 2 memory allocation algorithms: first  fit; best  fit.Shows the distribution and recovery time after the idle partition chain and memory footprint map, and various statistical algorithm to generate the debris free zone (less than 3 units (unit) free...

Experimental demonstration of the operating system code (three experiments, oper

Experimental demonstration of the operating system code (three experiments, operations management, memory management, document management)...

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