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MIZI linux SDK for s3c2410 kernel linux-2.4.18

MIZI linux SDK for s3c2410 kernel linux-2.4.18It has all the features you would expect in a modern fully-fledgedUnix, including true multitasking, virtual memory, shared libraries,demand loading, shared copy-on-write executables, proper memorymanagement and TCP/IP networking. ...

Operating system Clock algorithm Java implementation

Operating System Clock algorithm implemented in Java, consists of three files:, job wrapper classes., realize Clock algorithm., main. Series is not very good, but clearly understood, for your reference....

Process simulation

Process control simulation program  Designed and implemented with a process creation, cancellation, blocking, wake up, the process of scheduling function control simulation program....

Registry monitoring

A registry monitoring package type, when the registry key monitoring changes, will trigger the callback event retrieval, is a very good reference for learning the registry operation....

Memory allocation and recovery simulation

Application backgroundSimulation of the 2 memory allocation algorithms: first  fit; best  fit.Shows the distribution and recovery time after the idle partition chain and memory footprint map, and various statistical algorithm to generate the debris free zone (less than 3 units (unit) free...

Experimental demonstration of the operating system code (three experiments, oper

Experimental demonstration of the operating system code (three experiments, operations management, memory management, document management)...

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