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Map management system

Electronic map database management system, suitable for beginners operating system, using C language information search the electronic map, and CRUD functions.Concise interface, ease of development, beginners can be modified after use....

QNX 操作系统下 Freescale MPC8641DHPCN 开发板的板级支持包

QNX operating system Freescale MPC8641DHPCN development board of the Board Support Package...

超值奉献,Clifford E. Cummings FIFO关于异步FIFO的两篇文章,同时附有中文解说,主要讲解异步FIFO的实现难点...

Value dedication, Clifford E. Cummings FIFO asynchronous FIFO on the two articles, at the same time accompanied with a Chinese guide, mainly on the realization of asynchronous FIFO difficult--- the emergence of space-age logo, as well as read and write addresses generated...

Course c++ make file management system, you can implement the basic functionality of the file system superblock level bitmap

VC++ document management system too small, can mimic the file system for file Setup remove the modified copy, using level bitmap describing the inode also describes level bitmap using the same storage space it uses or not, specific description in the document description, source code runs perfectly....

Operating system larger experiments: the LINUX file system

, Experimental contents 1.   Design and implementation of a simulation file system requirements include directory, common files and file storage. You must have a custom data structure, you cannot directly invoke the Windows  API function that can not only implements a shell. 2.   File...

Serial port debug, serial port monitoring, serial port, virtual serial port

Application backgroundWritten in my own, debugging serial port, serial port monitoring, serial network, virtual serial port tools, many applications can achieve serial application in network transmission, support from the multi thread concurrent processes running. If you need to modify, you can modi...

Microsoft MS

Microsoft the MS-DOS6.0 complete source code, including all external commands, the installation procedure, DOSSHELL and so on. Each source document includes the development history, the renewal explanation, the annotation. This kind of set of sources code to your significance, really is unable to th...

SPI bus source code. Can be a very good learning SPI bus and SPI communication

SPI bus source code. Can be a very good learning SPI bus and SPI communication...

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