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Contiki2.7 transplantation on STM32

Application backgroundContiki it is specially designed to be applied to a series of memory priority network systems, including the embedded system from 8 bit computers to micro controller. At present, the rapid development of the Internet of things, Contiki has gradually entered the field of vision!...

设计一个有N个进程并发的进程调度程序。 进程调度算法:采用最高优先数优先的调度算法(即把处理机分配给优先数最高的进程)算法。...

Design of a concurrent process, N a process scheduler. The process of scheduling algorithm: The number of priority the highest priority scheduling algorithm (ie the number of processors allocated to the highest priority to the process) algorithm....

1.实验目的: 模拟实现银行家算法,用银行家算法实现资源分配。 2.实验内容: 设计五个进程{P0,P1,P2,P3,P4}共享三类资源{A,B,C}的系统,{...

1. The experiment : Simulation Algorithm bankers, bankers algorithm with the allocation of resources. 2. Experiment : Design 5 (process P0, P1, P2, P3, P4) (resource sharing three categories A, B, C), (A, B, C) amount of resources to 10,5,7. Dynamic process could apply to the resources and the relea...

c c++ simulation of the virtual paging memory management system, get a quite a l...

c c++ simulation of the virtual paging memory management system, get a quite a long time...


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