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Matching brackets brackets matching the achievement of three different positions...

Matching brackets brackets matching the achievement of three different positions of different sequence matching...


little program displaying selfdefine dialog under windows,worth reference...



brjtag v1.9o src

Broadcom EJTAG Debrick Utility - by hugebird...


It is a code for monitor PSU statsus and transfer the information via UART to console . The development tooling is Ride 7 -C816 .      ...

Bank System

Banking System for Single User You can add a Customer. Details related to accounts. Choose Account Type. (Savings or Checking) 1. Deposit Cash 2. Withdraw Cash 3. View Customer Full Details 4. View Customer Balance...

LinkedList Implementation in c++

Is a simple data structure application in c++ demonstrating how to implement LinkedList data structure..... It has the delete, insert and menu display for option selection which will help beginners also understand the data structure functionality....

ZigBee collecting temperature and humidity process

ZigBee collection procedures used to collect the temperature and humidity temperature and humidity to serial displays...

VC++ library management system full version

A full version of the early development of VC++ library management system, tested a bit, operating normally, DLL files required for the source enthusiasts have been integrated into the Cabinet. The library system can complete the user information management, library and information management, featu...

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