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Vc compiled some of their own mixed programming with Matlab examples, all debugg...

Vc compiled some of their own mixed programming with Matlab examples, all debugging through to achieve the main function is to read and write images to deal with the common operations....

BLE printer

Research achievements over the years, Bluetooth print BLE, teaches you how to use the Bluetooth 4.0,BLE/4.0 low-power, dual-mode iBeacon,4.0 full range of Bluetooth data transmission module, dual mode Bluetooth audio data, dual-mode 3.0/4.0 Bluetooth, provide the ISO with Android Bluetooth data tran...

Tsai 3d camera calibration

n many computer vision applications a camera already calibrated is considered. This means that a model of the internal camera parameters is available. This model can be provided by the manufacturer or computed using a known target (usually a chessboard plane) This situation, called pose estimation,...

VC++ library management system full version

A full version of the early development of VC++ library management system, tested a bit, operating normally, DLL files required for the source enthusiasts have been integrated into the Cabinet. The library system can complete the user information management, library and information management, featu...

adaMiniCompiler using lex

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Nonlinear Regression

C code that will perform nonlinear regression for the data given in the file which contains 61 x; y values of the equation y = a0(1 - exp(a1x)) with x = 1....

About the boson netsim configuration experiments

This is to network with boson NetSim Simulator engineering experiment, experiment on netting, dividing VLAN, router configuration, as well as access control, network engineering student code suitable for the beginner, for those familiar with networking, familiar with router and switch configuration,...

Hierarchical clustering

In data mining, hierarchical clustering is a method of cluster analysis which seeks to build a hierarchy of clusters. Strategies for hierarchical clustering generally fall into two types:[citation needed]Agglomerative: This is a "bottom up" approach: each observation starts in its own clus...

C # source code of video conferencing

File contains the video conferencing client and server deployment, anychat is based on open source software written in achieving multiplayer online video-conference, in addition to containing the file transmission, the transmission of text, video meeting developers have a good reference value....


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