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Shelllab source code

A shell script that can manage processes, you can create, delete, process, maintain a process running in the foreground, as well as more background processes running, breaking through the command line is a background process to the foreground, and the current process hangs at the front desk; CTRL-c...

Win7 comes with computer simulation

# 1, the calculator is powered down, display shows 0# 2, the calculator can be completed before pressing ' = ' and display the results stage.# 3, this calculator in operation process, when the divisor is 0 for operation, screen contents to empty, you need to press "c", normal operation# 4,...

Ad hoc network evaluation index

Contains the end-to-end delay, packet loss, and a range of indicators such as throughput. Fully meet the new NS-2 format of trace analysis. -1.----Ma 0.-1.32...

users control

this code provide a litle to how to control de users into a system this code had developed in PHP ...

Blue collection of Internet making NSIS script examples

Internet is very classic in blue, know a script people should know about her....


Copyright (c) 1997 Regents of the University of California. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE REGENTS AND CONTRIBUTORS ``AS IS'' AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPL...

IE proxy settings quickly

Quick Set IE proxy, or turn off the proxy settings.There are two versions, one python script, a script is executable bat....

C++TCP resolution

Program, according to the original data, assemble a IEEE 802.3 format frames (title) the default input file as binary raw data (file name input1 and input2, respectively). · Request procedures for command line programs. For example, an executable file named framer.exe, the command line of the follo...

Command end login script

In general, we may need to log in every day with a URL. But every time we do not want to repeat in the browser doing repetitive things, then we can write a script to customize our network parameters. This is what the script can do....

Packet Drop when there are heavy queue

It's helpful to implement the feasible network which provide high packet throughput .    ...

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