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Python equivalent of Unix Sendmail

This simple python script allow to pipe a SMTP formatted text into it, quite like sendmail work in Unix, but will works crossed platform thanks to Python.Example usage under windows:type mymail.txt | python sendmail.cfgThe sendmail.cfg file provided is an example on how to set target SMT...

Railways Reservation

Our mini project is on Railway Reservation System. The Railway  Reservation System is a web-based application that allows visitors check for Railway ticket availability,Book tickets , Tatkal Reservation, Booking seats, Providing information about all services, Feedback regarding the servic...

DSR MANET for Power Consumption

As technology rapidly increases, diverse sensing and mobility capabilities have becomereadily available to devices and, consequently, mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are being deployed toperform a number of important tasks. In MANET, power aware is important challenge issue to improve thecommunicati...

efficient dsr protocol

it is dsr  6 node manet code.... it will run in ns-2 effectively wil will get  a nam window and trace file for this script by using we can plot  throught put jitter ene to end delay of a network...

NDIS miniport driver

WiFi RSSI with NDIS Protocol 1.0 scripting tags: adapter, list, wireless, miniport, adapted, drivertested, ndisprot, show wifi adapter, wireless conection, visual, windows, list adapter. What is new in WiFi RSSI with NDIS Protocol 1.0 software script? - Unable to find WiFi RSSI with NDIS Protocol 1....

Home Automation

This porject is to control all you home deivice from mobile . you can contact to us on

Quick config new WordPress development

This file help you get in WordPresss development very quick. It just downloads the latest version of WordPress, setup database, create a Sublime project then launch it automatically just in seconds....

HTML5 image slider

Application backgroundsdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssdasdasdadssda...

Message engine

Application backgroundplaysms is engine to blast sms massively playsms is engine to blast sms massively playsms is engine to blast sms massively playsms is engine to blast sms massively playsms is engine to blast sms massively playsms is engine to blast sms massively playsms is engine to blast sms m...

A script for a pop-up window

Application backgroundsplashscreen download in info....... ABCCCCKey TechnologyABCCCCCC MKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...

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