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Performance analysis of UDP

size:14px;">最初创建方案和所需的节点数和指定它们的立场,也他们的链接。通过附加一个 UDP 代理和 CBR 流量通过 UDP 连接设置一个 UDP 连接。若要评估的 UDP 性能,请运行 perl 脚本。在 perl 脚本中作为参数指定给节点和粒度的山...

psutils applied to process research and properties about threads

space:nowrap;">psutils applied to process research and properties about threads...

Ad hoc network evaluation index

size:16px;">里面包含了对端到端时延,丢包率,吞吐量之类的一系列指标。完全可以满足最新ns-2的trace格式的分析。比如s -t 0.267662078 -Hs 0 -Hd -1 -Ni 0 -Nx 5.00 -Ny 2.00 -Nz 0.00 -Ne -1.000000 -Nl RTR -Nw --- -Ma 0 -Md 0 -Ms 0 -Mt 0 -Is 0.255 -Id -1.255 -It me...

users control

this code provide a litle to how to control de users into a system this code had developed in PHP ...


Copyright (c) 1997 Regents of the University of California. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE REGENTS AND CONTRIBUTORS ``AS IS'' AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPL...

IE proxy settings quickly


Command end login script

In general, we may need to log in every day with a URL. But every time we do not want to repeat in the browser doing repetitive things, then we can write a script to customize our network parameters. This is what the script can do....

Packet Drop when there are heavy queue

It's helpful to implement the feasible network which provide high packet throughput .    ...

Computer specialist

I just looking for Product id programand  want to learn how to use script  vb vbs c++   I am  interested in programming  please helpe me  how  to use Wscript Csript and Hscript...


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