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Linux+apache/nginx+mysql+php server environment build script

Application backgroundLinux+apache/nginx+mysql+php server environment build script, can be deployed on the Linux server, such as ubuntu/centos, removed the cumbersome process of each program configuration. After decompression running./, the need for network support.Key TechnologyLinux shel...

Performance analysis of UDP

Initially create a scenario with number of nodes required and specify their positions and also their links.Set up a UDP connection by attaching a UDP agent and a CBR traffic over UDP connection. To evaluate the performance of UDP , run the perl script . in the perl script specify the infile to node...

Aomdv the script code

In NS2 following can run of TCL script code, including network configuration scene and node of routing agreement defines, sent node and accept node configuration,, addition, also can on employer speed and package of size, for configuration modify, also can on MAC layer for must of modify and configu...

System DOS version

DOS system optimization program, one-click optimization system, make your system faster, the source code is very simple, you deserve it!!!...

Code contour

Application backgroundData. GetPeak = cgDemoData (2); number of levels. SetLevels = 12; display colors and set up window. LoadLoadCT, 33, Bottom=3, NColors=levelsWindow, 1, Specifed Contour Intervals'XSize=300, Title='User, YSize=400; the contour plot. DrawStep = (Max (peak) - Min (peak)) / levelsUs...

AlphaScript (simple script file)

Application backgroundEasy to use script file. Support registry editor and "if" statement....

Website code, database automatic backup script

Application backgroundWebsite code, database automatic backup scriptBack up support to send to the specified mailboxCan set up a backup file for a few days...


本文应用Visual C++ 开发工具将参数化技术和有限元技术融为一体,建立了一个专用的渐开线直齿圆柱齿轮高效分析平台。运用此平台,用户只需输入所需的参数,系统自动建模计算。其优点在于采用有限元法提高了建模分析的准...

Some examples of Python II

An instance of a Python to do a photo browser, in fact, a player, and there are lots of good places, hoped everybody exchanges together, public do a complete fun instance. While primarily to learn common good luck!...


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