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minority can fine

minority can fine-tune the operation of control (Spin), intron use, the type and source code examples procedures...

TTS voice can be programmed for voice 5.1.rar programming is a good Controls

TTS voice can be programmed for voice 5.1.rar programming is a good Controls...


procedures demonstrated how to create images with the toolbar buttons and pop-up menus...

MCU development version of the information

1, buttons control the LED lights blinking.2, testing the key value, the LED lights on or off....

VC serial communication development learning source

VC serial communication programming source of practical information to help study of serial communication, can also be based on source code changes for their own projects, redevelopment, but the main is serial communication data. Simple interface and programming....

Delphi IPEdit controls

IPEdit control that self has been, IPstring attribute is added, you can read or set the IP.DelphiXE1 abbreviations used by the control, and asks the user to modify its own controls to meet your needs...

Slider switch

Prepared by the C#2010 slider controls, can also be used as a toggle switch, by setting the Select property type as a slider or switch;Control background images are external, can be achieved by replacing the Pic in the picture; effects can view compiled results: binRelease....

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